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Practicing genuine respect is the only key to achieve true religious harmony.

Do you Know? Hinduism is the oldest religion- 3000 BCE started from Indus valley. Once its spread was from Afghanistan to Thailand and Combodia. There is no Prophet or founder of Hindu religion.Hinduism started in India about 3000 BCE when ancient people known as Aryan started settling in Northern parts bringing with them philosophy,religion and customs recorded in their sacred text known as Vedas.
Buddha is Born in Lumbini, Buddhism spreads from North to central present day India only to limit itself to northern parts in later years.
Jesus was crucified,Christianity spreads as governments made official religious endorsement to those under its jurisdiction.Christianity achieved greater recognition in Europe there the decree of Constantine-a roman emperor.Later it spread to Africa and America as Europe colonized their countries.
Muhammed is born in Mecca,Islam spreads rapidly. Partition of Africa begins. State of Israel is born. Most of these religions started their humble beginning in small geographical locations and started dominating nearby areas and religions. One thing of worth to note is that although all religions support converting others into theirs,Only Hindus and Jews don’t support and practice this. Below is a brief list of major religions and their percentage in world population.

40% Complete (success)
20% Complete
60% Complete (warning)
80% Complete (danger)

1.Christianity…2.2 Billion…31.05%
2.Islam …1.6 ” …22.32%
3.seculars/ nonreligious…1.1 ” …15.35%
4.Hinduism…..1.0 ” …13.95%
5.Buddhism.. 376 million 5.25%
6,Sikkhism 23 million 0.32%
7.jainism 4.2 million 0.06%
8.Judaism 14.20 ” 0.20%
There are other 12 more religions followed in the world totaling 13.5% of the world population.
Debate about which religion is better and correct are both pointless and endless.
There is no value in arguing and discounting each others beliefs. Practicing genuine respect is the only key to achieve true harmony.
Reference- Wikipedia

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