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We need ideal people from JNU ,not terrorist friendly philanthropists any longer.

These JNU students talk about ideology? When there will be no nation, what will they do with their ideology? Fry and eat?

Actually, their knowledge sounds like half ill-literate joke based on shallow knowledge to me and that is my understanding after talking with few of JNU Ph.D. fellowship students in recent past. They hold high ego of the JNU’s brand name and their fake knowledge. Once, one of my faculties, respected by the entire state as one of the renowned professors of Chemistry, told me “I don’t give my education at cheap rate because I don’t want my education and teachings to be misused and undervalued by someone who doesn’t deserve it. Despite being huge earner as a University Professor, I still charge students high for my teachings”. On that day I felt that faculty might be greedy, but over the period of time, while going through my education, I have realized the meaning of that statement. To be honest, the living example is JNU, where students never realize that their precious time is getting passed in the name of earning Ph.D. For years and years, they stay at the university’s hostels for 20/- INR monthly charges, pay merely 400 to 500/- rupees tuition fees as annual fees. They never feel the need of growth in their lives.

Normally a Ph.D. student gets 6000/- per month and his/her expenditure is almost equivalent to nothing. So suppose if we consider that they would have been getting 5000/- monthly allowances from home during their stay in JNU, 6000+5000=11,000/- is the total amount they can actually save and by the end of degree course (~4 years)(normally Ph.D student stay there for 6 to 10 years), they can have a good amount of savings in their pockets. They could easily make a handsome amount of saving of 5, 28,000/- without any interest. And if they know about investment plans, they could even make almost 50% extra.

When someone can make such a huge amount of money and there is no eagerness of completing the degree as all know Ph.D. requires more time, and being a JNU student they already get the Brand name , so automatically the need of completing the course becomes nullified.

I still remember during my bachelor/Post-Graduate degree, how I used to juggle in order to complete the degree. We used to feel ashamed if we get any backlogs or a year back. Everyone knows that a Bachelor degree requires 3 years and an MBA- requires 2 years to be completed; if time frame goes beyond that then they will be tagged as “FAILED Master”. Repercussions of the same will be evident while facing an interview, where several questions will be raised on why there is a gap in your education. Students need to have a backup reply to defend their stands in a positive manner or else chances of getting jobs will be minimized automatically.

When someone gets degree at almost free of cost, gets the advantage of being the part of cheap lifestyle, zero cost of living, with no dependency on parents, no fines to complete the degree within a specific time period, he/she does not understand the value of earning the degree. The faculties of JNU have systematically been imposing a failed and Holt (regressive) ideology which is directly killing the inner eagerness of growth among the young students. What will happen to those students? Will they ever give serious thought to study? Moreover, every small event like a hostel function gets celebrated in the name of the cultural events and money and times are being wasted on them.

To summarize, when someone joins the JNU for pursuing their Ph.D.; from the very beginning itself they get tagged with brand JNU, cost of living comes down to level of almost equivalent to nil with free entertainment being provided in the name of cultural event daily and they become the part of systematic brainwashing process conducted by regressive ideology which destroys their hunger for growth and sense of achievement in their lives.

What India can expect from such students, whom they are providing with facilities in the form of subsidized education, with the hope that these students will be the future of the nation? And regressive politics of the nation is also responsible for creating such anti-nationalist elements by providing subsidized education and regressive ideology with them. Because of this these people, students will never understand the value of money and time because nothing matters to them.

The question should be asked by all tax payers to the government who are they paying the money to provide such free environment and education?

If we think from the political point of view of JNU students, most of the supporters of the Afzal Guru’s function are from leftist student wings. If they say that Afzal was martyr then those students might have forgotten that Afzal was convicted for Indian Parliament attack, the same Parliament which is considered as the Temple Of Democracy, which has proved that Afzal was against the democracy. At the same time if Afzal is considered as martyr then who are those troops, army, and police who died while defending the parliament?  Afzal was convicted and executed by the order of Supreme Court. If those leftist students are opposing, are they not showing their disagreement towards the Supreme Court and Judiciary System of the nation? Can they be convicted for Contempt Of Court?

Those JNU student should see this interview before shouting.

Video: Courtesy -Youtube , NDTV, AAJTAK, Dinu cv,

Students who are indirectly opposing the democracy by supporting the one who was convicted for attacking the parliament, on what grounds are they asking for democracy and freedom of expression to do anti-nationalist activities?  Article 19(1)A  gives the freedom of expression to all of the Indian citizens, but it has some limitations which are being explained in other sections of   Article 19(2,3,4,5,6).

People who are supporting anti-national slogans by showing the article 19(1)A,, I feel they have never gone through the article in depth. They do not possess knowledge about it in reality. They are just acting as scapegoats for someone.


On the other hand Section, 121 to 130, especially Section 124A give the limitation of Article 19(1)A.


Student who are protesting in the JNU campus and shouting with provocative anti nationalist slogan should also know the Section 151. 152, 153A.1




Those who have been protesting and shouting by hurling anti-Indian slogans and supporting anti-Indian elements, knowingly and unknowingly are going against the constitution as per the Indian Penal Code. All the faculties and supporters who are supporting this should know the limitations of article 19(1)A while talking about the freedom of expression.

And surprisingly instead of condemning the anti-national slogan, the political parties are supporting the students who are hurling the anti-national slogans in the name of preaching the tradition of tolerance and secularism in India, that’s like keeping a poisonous  snake as a pet and condemning when it eats rats and bites his family members. The big questions are what message the political parties want to deliver to the citizens of this nation. Those anti-national activities are justified if someone has the political support? How will they control when the anti-national elements will go out of control if they are not dealt with an iron hand?

Government should take strong action with iron hand despite all the political pressure from other parties, even the Supreme court should send a clear message to all of the citizens and the political parties who are showing their sympathy to those students who were shouting and trying to glorify an anti-nationalist who tried to kill and destroy the temple of Indian democracy and are sentenced by the Supreme court labelling him as a terrorist.

These JNU students are so shameless and thick skinned that they eat the money of the nation and at the same time, wish to break the same nation, I feel even faculties who have taught such ideology and misguided the students should be disqualified. Parents are the highest sufferer when they see their children transforming into such unruly idiots who in the name of being enlightened, have gained fake knowledge

Today in the era of 21st century, there is no value of a free product, if someone gets a free mobile or a cheap mobile, he/she will doubt 100% whether the mobile is original or not, whether the mobile is from some Chinese Gray market; a fake product or not.

Now Government should reconsider its positions about JNU by adopting the policy of cleaning the university from inside by removing the anti-national stain on it and ask the students to pay the full fees to continue their with their education as JNU is  turned into a mere centre for idle men’s workshop. We need ideal people from JNU ,not terrorist friendly philanthropists any longer.



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  1. Its a nice article…some universities have become a breeding ground of not only criminals and goons but the fact that them not passing out of universities on time and staying there year on year has created a toxic lot of people called students ..some are 30 to 35 yrs old as well. ..I normally term these people as escapist since outside life is tough, you have to slog and earn a living so they like to stay inside their cosy hostel and smoke dreams

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