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Tripura and It's Rose valley with CM Manik

Image Credit: Youtube & News18 , snapshot from News18’s Youtube Video
Tripura is a small northeastern state, where even the 6th pay commission had not been implemented till 1st April, 2015. In the name of central deprivation by UPA and BJP led NDA, the state government never implemented the proper pay commissions, when most part of India have initiated 6th pay commission long before 2006 and the report was submitted on march 2008 and On 29 August 2008, the government announced its decision to implement the report. But Tripura Government was always busy in blame game and never got the scope to think on pay commissions on time so the government employees never get the salary which they deserve same as same employee of the rest of India. Last year due to the pressure of the new NDA government Tripura state government were forced to announce the 6th pay commission partially. Though the announcement came in public on April 1st 2015, so people were having doubt as the announcement they heard from the CM could be a potential “April fool joke”. While the rest of India is implementing 7th pay commission like a bullet train, the Left-ruled state is still running like the bullock cart. Because people don’t know which pay commission is going to be implemented by the State Government? Later on when the 6th pay commission was implemented it was drastically modified and according to employee it was much downgraded 6th pay commission without any arrear payment.
Well the people of the state were ignored by the national news over the time and yes, while they are representing with only 2 LokSabha seats which do not carry any value to national politics so they are also sidelined in national news and the national interest.
Recently the Rose valley Scam arose and the Chief of the Institute was taken under the police custody for further investigation. Now the question arise is that how much the state government and the so-called clean chief minister was responsible in this case?
It is observed that the Chief Minister was present for the inauguration of several Rose valley projects in different parts of Tripura from 2008 to 2012. Even if the chief minister says he was not aware of such organization and their reality, that statement can’t be accepted.
When an institution is promoted by the Chief Minister then poor or rich subject of the state are bound to trust. Not even the uneducated or less educated but well-educated and established people are bound to trust that institute as a trusted one.
Today if Narendra Modi is promoting any financial organization then it is obvious for the citizen to trust that organization as a trusted one. Because getting the endorsement of the state rulers is a huge boost for any organization to represent themselves in the market. Also it is easy for them to represent themselves in the public domain as a trusted brand as the state rulers are behind them.
We all know how left reacted, and took the central stage to cornered the accused political leaders of West Bengal Government. But now when the situation came as boomerang on left as their clean faced Manik Sarkar was represented himself in several public activities and literally behaved as the promoter of the Rose valley during the function in 2008 which was held on Amtali, Agartala. If Manik Sarkar was unaware of the institute then why he acted like in that time?
During 2008 to 2012 who ever landed to Agartala through Agartala airport are all aware of the big hoardings of several non-banking chit funds financial institutions in Tripura and their promotions. Eventually, those non-banking chit fund financial organizations emerged themselves as the financial backbone of the state. Many Newspaper are of the view that most of the chit fund companies were emerged as huge profit maker due to the help of the left ruling government of Tripura. During 1993 to 2013 not one or two’s but around 142 chit Fund Company worked all over the state extensively.  Even most of the investment in the state somehow came through those companies and a continuous ruling Chief Minister like Manik Sarkar don’t know anything about those institutions is not digestible.  Even the foolish creature will also laugh if this is mentioned in front of him.
There were a serious legal conflict and dispute in between SEBI and Rose valley for almost 10 years, and Manik Sarkar, who is the State Government body head was not aware of it even 2008? During that time his neighboring state was also under the left rule and he was not aware of anything. Even though, the neighboring state was under his parties rulers whether that statement is digestible?
If as the state governing body lead is someone who is promotes an unknown chit fund institute repeatedly in the public domain cannot be ignored as unknown, but it should be considered as a sin. Because once the state government body chief promoting any organization inside the state so openly. Then automatically that institution will get the trust of the people and it is virtually giving the clean certification by the state government. And which lead people to invest in that origination regardless their reality.
Video credit: Youtube and Ashok Sinha A video from Youtube posted by Ashok Sinha

So the demand of the opposition to bring CBI on Rose valley scam is justified as it’s a huge 153 crore, 43 lakhs, 12 thousand and 496 INR’s scam till date.
And if we compare with the West Bengal’s case then it is easy to understand that the capability of the Chief Minister is much more than the state transport minister. So if the State Transport minister was being removed with the suspicion that he might influence the neutral investigation of the Sarada scam then it is obvious that the State CM has more power to influence the CBI then the State Transport Minister.
So considering all the aspect, and for the subject of the small state who were always deprived of all aspect need justice and for that as a honest Chief Minister Manik Sarkar should take forward step and put himself out of the Ministry so he can restore his clean image in public domain once again which has been dent by recent Rose Valley scam. And national media should give their little bit of focus on this state so that poor people should not be deprived of justice this time.

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