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Where the Indian market heading towards?

29th February, 2016 NIFTY made a 2 years low 6825 according to me that was the low for this year.
In our market I really don’t see a negativity except banking but it is not that serious!
USA market doing extremely well (Almost life time high), Europe has done well except few issues.
If you see BRIC nation specially Brazil has recovered more than 35% from its lower level, Russia
has a phenomenal recovery, China has its own story which nobody can improve.
Now the million dollar question is, can we see the market lifetime high?
According to me yes we can, based on few factor i am really hopeful about it. No. 1 this year we are
predicting good monsoon. No. 2 we may see another rate cut next quarter could be last of this quarter
too! No. 3 GDP growth better than the expectation. And No.4 of course the earning season.
With keep all this point in mind we may see NIFTY 9000 mark this calendar year, time will reveal  the fact but from here 15% we can see the magic figure!

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