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Communist: A 21st Century Alien?

It has been less than two centuries when the birth of a very popular flavor of communism happened in 19th century Europe. In 1848,...


Time “Time” Effectively

You have probably heard people saying: “I have no time,” several times a day. People always seem to be in a hurry and short...

Share To Innovate – A 3M Model

Innovation, the most coveted and desired thing of all sectors, all governments and all corporations these days. In 21st century if there are 2...

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Health And Fitness

A Doctor is a Doctor and a Doctorate is a Doctorate, MD or PhD

 There is a word that people are confused a lot about. Doctor is a popular word, inside and outside the academia. People think that...

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Law And Cyber Law


Whether Only Hindu Represent The Caste System ?

To study this subject one has to first remove the force fitted spectacles of white bias that inked a political agenda sold as the...


Best Google Ads Strategies for Start-Ups Business

New entrepreneurs may feel overwhelmed with the task of growing a business from the ground up. You can use traditional marketing tactics or Search...

Best 10 business to start during this pandemic.

Here it is! The best 10 business ideas you are looking for since ever. The COVID -19 pandemic has changed the way the world...

How to plan career growth during this pandemic ?

Pandemic has changed the way we live, grow and plan. Your career is no different. Job loss, economic slowdown, no hiring, no promotions, or...

How retail shops can be benefited by ecommerce.

Gone are the days when you go shopping in a brick and mortar retail shop and finish the purchase after taking the opinion of...

Looking for innovative business ideas in the pandemic-driven period? Here’s the solution.

The Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic which initially affected China has now tainted over 200 countries. Its outbreak has affected world-economy drastically. The decline in...
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Holiday Recipes

Orange Chicken

A good orange chicken should have just that little bit of sweetness and tangyness to it without being completely overpowering. It should also have...

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