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Website UX/UI analysis of Royal kick boxing Academy website.

In the world of www and internet people hardly spend a minutes on a website which force them to think. So the usability and first look of a website is always important than anything else when the website is representing the face of the origination.

Image Credit www.royalkickboxingacademy.in
Image Credit www.royalkickboxingacademy.in

  1. The website royalkickboxingacademy.in tried well to represent itself though its domain name but the first mistake if does is the missing of “www” before the domain name.
  2. Home button is clearly missing, which is a clear mistake from the designing prospective of any website.

This missing of home page button can mislead and confuse the visitor. Though the logo representing the home page but that actually force the visitors to think and search for the Home button. Which could make a negative impact in the visitors mind.

  1. The front page display slider is slow and not clear what it is trying to explain to the visitor.
  2. The changing of each slide takes 9.8 second which is too much time to display a slide.
  3. If any one click on the picture of the slide, that should landed in a page where the description of the picture and services should be explained, but here in Royalkickboxingacademy there is nothing such description given. So such design can easily mislead and frustrated the customer who are all visiting the website.
  4. In the front frame there is nothing writer to explain the website and its usability.

The contact us frame given below in every page which looks cheap, missing the grand look of the website.

Image Credit www.royalkickboxingacademy.in
Image Credit www.royalkickboxingacademy.in

7. Small and well framed Site description should be presented in the first frame of the website, which is missing and could confuse the visitor.
8.Our training segment of the front page is placed wrongly. It could be used in a much better way.
9.Too much scrolling will obviously make the visitor frustrated.
10.Navigation is huge issue for this website. Nothing clearly mentioned and it will always mislead the visitor.
Image Credit www.royalkickboxingacademy.in
Image Credit www.royalkickboxingacademy.in

a.Where to click to go back to my previous page?
b.How to go back to home page?
c.What does these picture means for? No description given to display picture.
10. Google map should have a border as if by mistake any one’s pointer fall on the map and to take out the mouse from the map if they move the scroll rather changing the position of the mouse the scroll do zoom in or zoom out of the map. That will no doubt disappoint the visitor of the website.
Note: This UI/UX analysis is purely for the research improvement purpose to help and understanding the UI/UX education and understanding . So the Company or the origination can look after the UI/UX mistakes and rectify their UI for betterment of their respective website. Not to defame or insult in any way. For UI/UX consulting please Contact us. https://www.insysdnet.com/contact-us/

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