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Why IT guys are so frustrated?

In last two years, I read some frustrated articles of software employees on various websites related with technology and personal views, news channels, India and economic times and others blogs. I am not a software engineer but I have a work experience in IT sector and also surrounded by many friends who are working as software employees.
Few months ago, I read one of the article written in a personal blog by really frustrated and depressed software engineer working in one of the well known and renowned IT Industry which urged me to think twice about the things which really matters in life. What are the things which matters in life?? “Money”, “Designation”, “society status”, “Own space”, “work balance”, “onsite opportunities”, etc. etc.
Different people may have different views but one thing for sure no one wants work stress or frustration of any kind.
Message was like this:

The title “engineer” is cheapened by the tech industry.
In the Silicon Valley technology scene, it’s common to use the bare term “engineer” to describe technical workers. Like “We’re hiring engineers,” read startup websites, which could mean anything from JavaScript programmers to robotics.
The term is probably a shortening of “software engineer,” but its use betrays a secret: “Engineer” is an aspirational title in software development. Traditional engineers are regulated, certified, and subject to apprenticeship and continuing education. Engineering claims an explicit responsibility to public safety and reliability, even if it doesn’t always deliver. A giant product like a spreadsheet or a reservation system was still something like a bridge or a building. It had to work right, especially since patches and revisions were expensive and required physical intervention.”

Though he wrote many words related with IT industry but I mentioned only the above extracts which I think it’s enough to explain that basically

  • Study of engineering is not actually in use in most of the IT Industries.
  • Most of them don’t ever get to do real engineering.
  • They are run through a crash course of few months and then allocated to projects. Not everyone is able to learn it all in the training.
  • Some industries is only interested in increasing the quality of company not enhancing any individual’s speciality or talent in some specific subject which can be useful for them in sense of both monetary benefit and interest.
  • Some of them were urged to perform and participate in some work which is out of their interest, specialisation or satisfaction.

I also read another article which really sounds interesting to me . ‘The Enemy of Engagement’ Workplace Frustration is the Silent Killer According to New Book.

It was about employees who are aligned with goals and objectives and who are enthusiastic about making a difference—but are held back by jobs that do not suit them or work environments that get in their way. Frustrated employees are often reluctant to voice their concerns in other ways. Highly committed to their employers and their jobs, they may be disinclined to make waves by complaining about their situations – and those who do speak up may be unlikely to press the point if work arrangements are seen as unlikely to change. As a result, many suffer in silence.

There is a different aspect to this glittering story. Yes, Indian labour is cheap. Pay them the market rate at India, no problem. But to say that Indian labour is incompetent and thus they should just do these sets of tasks is grossly wrong. Unfortunately, our IT companies are falling head over heels to grab more deals of this kind.
Other reasons for frustration:

  • Every single engineer will recite an anecdote where a friend X made a jump from a minuscule salary to a package that would make Mukesh Ambani jealous. OK, maybe not that high a salary, but I am sure my point is taken. And it is this anecdote that plants the seed of frustration.
  • Unnecessary meetings: The dreaded “status update meeting” is the bane of many employees’ workdays which is eating away their precious time.
  • Lack of breaks, monotonous work and high expectation from employer, etc.
  • Sometimes cause sleepless nights and headaches. And too much of it can affect your health.
  • Overtime work even on weekends.
  • No voice in the company: some companies still fall behind when it comes to making their employees feel appreciated and heard. Some companies doesn’t listen their ideas and feedback’s. Neither interested on their concern and suggestions related to better ways of getting job done.
  • Intense competition
  • Lack of a 360 degree review in most companies is also rued by several employees. It adds to frustration in cases when they feel they are being singled out by their manager, and have nowhere to go.
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