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Virtual Reality- A New implication in e-learning

Virtual Reality in Education

As we might be knowing that the Virtual Reality or in simple VR is a concept mainly based on the video games and the fiction of science. But, have you ever thought as to what is the role of Virtual reality in e-learning process?
One of the examples of Virtual reality is that a student studying astronomy can learn more about the solar system and also the movement of its objects within the system. By the use of this new tool, students can be able to see the moving planets, stars, comets in a three-dimensional manner. Thus it helps the students in providing a clear understanding of the subject and the topic.
The education systems in different areas have adopted the virtual reality for the purpose of learning and teaching at schools. It has overall enabled a significant number of students to get into interaction and learn things in a three-dimensional way. By the use of this method, the most of the compound data are said to be accessible to every student in a bit of fun as well as easy way. The students are also able to get to know more about the intensity of different objects within the environment.
The technological development in the field of education has paved the way for E-Learning or mobile-learning through educational apps. Nowadays, the old way of backboard learning is diminishing with the introduction of new devices and tools. Every student is well comfortable going well with these new inventions as it is said to improve their technical skills and knowledge. Most of the parents are moreover opting to this new level of education called as E-learning, so as to enhance and secure the future of their children. The changes that have brought by this e-learning in the field of teaching is said to have a positive impact on the students. Let us know how?
Benefits of Virtual Reality in Education
Some of the advantages that a student can acquire by the use of virtual reality are as follows-

  • Virtual reality in e-learning– E-Learning is getting one of the most popular methods of sharing up of materials in different formats like videos, webinars, etc. The benefit obtained by providing such a continuous learning is endless and is known to be the cost effective manner at the same time.

Nowadays we find the most use of e-learning techniques on high demand. Most of the students are opting for an interactive way of learning such as the educational apps which consist of all the subject matters and chapters for all the class levels.
The information available in the apps are all related to the NCERT as well as the CBSE Board. What would be the result when you club both these factors of learning methods. Yes, it would be the most interesting aspect for every child as it would make them well and healthy in learning and understanding the things around them.

  • Virtual Reality tool in Classroom– By the use of virtual reality method in classrooms, students gain an Immersive experience of learning without any distractions. It also builds an active environment among the students and the teacher. This approach has also proven to explore a great approach to learning and also Helps the students to understand the complex subjects, theories and the concepts that are in line with all types of learning styles.
  • Positive impact on ‘Digital Generation’– Technology is of more use to the children than that of the elders. Right from facebook, twitter up to the computer games, mobile apps, tablets, etc. almost every students is going digital day by day, and even the teachers are relying on this technology.

Hence, this technique of learning has become an important part of the lifestyle. By blending up of this virtual reality with the traditional forms of education gives a hybrid approach that can compete and fulfill all the needs of students, being irrespective of learning style.

  • Convenience and safety with Virtual Reality– Virtual Reality is said to save organizations’ time as well as money thus making it more convenient to use. Workers need not travel long distances to complete the projects and also to make decisions. Virtual Reality is also said to be useful in case of risks for challenging tasks or even for potential environments.

Apart from the above, the other applications and benefits of virtual reality for students are –

  • It helps in collaboration and also fosters a sense of integrity among the learners
  • The thing that is not possible in fact, virtual reality will make it come true.
  • Students get motivated by the use of Virtual game-based experience.
  • Students tend to achieve new rewards by virtual reality
  • These headsets and virtual platform tools help in developing a sense of creative thinking.

Hence, Education has not changed much in the case of teaching approaches and also the techniques. Moreover, we see some innovative variabilities in this area. Today most of the students find more comfortable with the online education, performing research on the Internet, learning through instructional videos through apps and also by distance learning methods which are powered by video technologies. And, virtual reality is the next!.

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