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How to turn off Talkback in Android mobile

As smart phones are in everybody’s hands today, and Android leading the market there are few settings which almost every new user should know and activating Talkback by mistake is a very common problem for new users of android phones. And once the Talkback is turned on, it is really a tough task for any user to operate the mobile in normal condition, as in every single touch the mobile’s Talkback feature will voice out the app name instead of performing any actions. When Talkback is inactive, a single touch on the mobile buttons and screen can be understood by the mobile system but when the Talkback feature is active the android mobile will not work in normal mode.
In such situation the below mentioned steps needs to be followed to deactivate the Talkback feature from the respective android mobile.
      1. Turn on the mobile by pressing the power button.
Once power is on, the mobile will voice out the time displayed on the mobile.
Note that for mobiles which are enabled with screen lock needs to unlock by swiping the screen and users need to perform the action twice to unlock the device. First time it would only voice out what you pressed and the second time it will perform the action.
For Patterns, you will have to draw the pattern and at the end of the pattern before releasing just press bit harder and release it, which would unlock the phone.
 For Pin, you need to touch the number once to select then again need to tap the number twice for action, same need to do for all the numbers in the pin.
      2. Go on Settings and then tap twice to open the settings.
The first tap will be voice out the setting name without performing any action. Tapping second time will perform the desired action.
       3. To scroll down and up users need make use of two the fingers to tap together and scroll up and down.
While the Talkback is active in Android mobiles, scrolling with single finger will not be possible.
        4. Inside Settings users need to scroll down and under the “System” tap to “Accessibility”. Users need to tap once to select the app and then twice back to back to open the “Accessibility”.
        5. Under the “Accessibility” users will get the “TalkBack” option.
        6. Once the “TalkBack” option appear, users need to tap “off” once to select then twice back to back to open up the setting.
Note: when the first time the user will tap that time mobile will voice out the action and when it will be tapped two times back to back the mobile will perform the action.
         7. Once the “Talkback” option will be “off” users will get a prompt message “Stop Talk back? – Tapping ok will stop TalkBack” with the option of “Cancel” and “Ok”. Users need to tap once to select OK and then double tap the “Ok” button to “turn Off” the “TalkBack” feature.    

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