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Mi Watch Revolve Active Review

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Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve

The Mi Watch Revolve is a turbocharged fitness tracker with long battery life and basic smarts like notifications and call alarms. It’s nice to see such a diverse selection of watch faces. If you were hoping for a full-fledged smartwatch experience, you’ll be disappointed.

Xiaomi’s Mi Watch Revolve is the firm’s first smartwatch to launch in India, and it appears that the company has done its homework. The Mi Watch Revolve has some unique components that you won’t find in most wearables at this price point. It’s powered by proprietary software and can track numerous exercises. To top it off, Xiaomi boasts a two-week standby period, so you shouldn’t have to charge this watch too often.

Mi Watch Revolve Design and Features

In terms of design, Xiaomi has nailed the fundamentals. A thin black bezel surrounds the circular display. This is housed in a gleaming metal casing with two right-hand buttons. The top button controls the watch’s power and may also be used to access menus while wearing it. The second button is a shortcut key that you may use to perform a brief exercise or another function.

The Mi Watch Revolve features a 46mm casing, making it larger than several other wearables available. While the large display is simple to read and fits more material on each screen, if you have thin hands, it may appear and feel overly huge. You might also strike the watch by mistake while walking around. The casing around the 1.39-inch AMOLED display has been elevated, which helps to protect it from inadvertent impacts. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with an anti-scratch coating is also available for protection.

Health and Fitness.

The Mi Watch Revolve’s fitness monitoring is, for the most part, a beefed-up version of the Mi Band 5 or Mi Band 6’s settings. The watch can keep track of up to ten different activities. Outdoor jogging, treadmill running, trail running, indoor and outdoor cycling, hiking, pool, and open water swimming, strolling, and even freestyle exercises are all examples of these activities. Because of the built-in GPS, you can go for a run or cycle with just the watch if you like. It’s simple to begin an activity. Swipe inside the app drawer and tap the fitness app, or hit the workout shortcut. You may choose your activity from here and you’re ready to go.

Many times, you may use the Mi Watch Revolve for a stroll around the block, and you may find the step tracking  quite similar to the reading of Fitbit Ionic. The same may be said for the measured distance. The Mi Watch Revolve, on the other hand, has the same difficulties as the Fitbit Ionic in that it takes an eternity to connect to a GPS signal. In fact, despite the relatively clear sky above, you may be on the halfway through a 1.6-kilometer walk when the watch hooked on to a GPS signal during one exercise.

The heart rate tracking was also rather precise. You may fine your heart rate around 62 beats per minute, which if you check the fitbit Ionic you will fount it near enough to the 58 beats per minute reporting by the Ionic and also within the range of other fitness tracker readings. Similarly, throughout exercises, the collected heart rate corresponded to the Ionic’s reading. Aside from that, the Mi Watch Revolve excels at sleep tracking. You may find that the watch to be quite precise in documenting when you will be in sleep  and awoke. It is capable of detecting the distribution of light, deep, and REM sleep. It then assigns you a sleep score to aid in your understanding of your sleeping habits.

The Mi Watch Revolve goes a step further by recording other data such as mental stress and total vitality. When you’re sitting motionless for an extended time, the watch records heart rate variability. It can assess whether you are calm or not based on this information and give you an overall score. After using it if  you look back at the data, you may find that somewhat its data are correct in indicating that you were not in the mood to rest. You may not trust this data to track your stress levels, though. In the same way, the watch will also give you an energy score. Your total sleep data, heart rate, workout information, and heart rate variability are all used to generate your score.

Why Use Mi Watch Revolve as a Smartwatch.

In terms of smartphone connection, the Mi Watch Revolve is more like a fitness tracker than a smartwatch. As a result, the watch can display alerts, incoming calls, and the weather, but that’s all it can do. No, you still won’t be able to respond to SMS messages. The user interface is quite simple to navigate. Swiping left takes you through a series of widgets that display all of your fitness data. The right-hand pusher takes you to the app drawer, where you may navigate through the user interface. When it comes to the user interface, the square icons don’t seem to make the most of the circular display and appear slapped on.

Aside from downloading from a selection of over 100 watch faces, the Xiaomi Wear app provides very few choices for customizing your experience. Set a do not disturb mode, adjust auto-brightness, and raise to wake on the Mi Watch Revolve. There’s also a find “my phone” feature, as well as the ability to control music playback on your phone. All of this is a standard procedure and works as expected.

The Mi Watch Revolve doesn’t have an app store, but Xiaomi has included a few applications for sleep, stress, and energy tracking. These apps display the same information that you would see in a phone app. There’s also an alarm clock, a stopwatch, and a timer. The stopwatch, strangely enough, cannot be used in the background, which is an unusual oversight. Finally, you can use a torch app to turn your watch into a wrist-mounted torch.

Xiaomi has introduced new features to the Mi Watch Revolve following a recent upgrade to version 1.2.52, including the ability to manage the camera shutter using the Mi Watch Revolve. In addition, Alexa is now supported on the watch. You can connect to the Alexa app on your phone and interpret inquiries by tapping a dedicated Alexa button in the pull-down drawer. Most inquiries may be shown as text on the watch’s display. Finally, the update includes two new watch faces.

The new Xiaomi Wear app is used by the Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve. The software, which is divided into three parts, offers you access to device management, health data, and your profile. The device controls portion is a bit of a skeleton. Only alerts, incoming calls, and watch faces are controlled. Meanwhile, the profile area is even more simple, allowing you to provide only the most basic details such as your date of birth, height, and weight. The main data screen uses a widget-like approach to provide you with basic exercise, steps, heart rate, and other statistics. Then you may delve deeper and examine more detailed data.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve Active.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve Active is a combination of symmetries, smoothing textures and a fairly balanced blend of elegance and youngness in the Xiaomi Mi watch revolve. On the right-hand side of you lie the only buttons that break the beautifully curved and sculpted rounded watch frame. For once they are labeled too, and every time you have to make anything on your watch, trying to recall that which you do isn’t precisely the same as trying to provide your brain cells with additional strain. The higher you put the host key, and the second key is named sport that provides an indication about what you do — fast access to the training sessions. The Mi Watch Revolve Active features 22mm watch bands, much like her older sister. In case you are in the mood for a color game, this should make color options much broader for you.

The Mi Watch Revolve Active weights 32 grams, a whopping 8 g less than previously. There’s a notice about the straps that appear on the Mi Watch Revolve Active every time I wear or take off. The straps seem to have too much frictional resistance, at least in the version I got, which means that you have to try to thread the strap a little as it grazes the other layer and when it comes time to cross the two holders.

The 1.39″ display is bright, colorful, and sharp AMOLED real estate. The display for Mi Watch Revolve Active has a luminosity rating of 450nits and effectively eliminates the luminous light produced by the sun. What the Google Wear OS accomplishes, what the previous wristwatch of Xiaomi demonstrated, and what Fitbit focused clocks put on the table are known features. There are no different aspects.

Xiaomi uses the latest LifeQ Health Information algorithm to improve the accuracy of fitness and health reading. This enhances cardiac rates, SpO2 measurements, and sleep tracking in particular. Amazon Alexa is supplemented with Mi Watch Revolve Active. Now you only have to contact Alexa on your wrist and just purchase it for a range of situations – alarms, to-do lists, calendar management, and even smart home devices.


The Mi Watch Revolve could be the right match for you if you want a large-screen fitness tracker with a selection of watch faces and just enough smarts. The Mi Watch Revolve is a decent fitness tracker, but the Mi Band 6 offers many of the same features for half the price. Even more so when a Wear OS wristwatch-like the Oppo Watch isn’t that much more expensive. There aren’t many flaws with the Mi Watch Revolve. In reality, the cost isn’t at all excessive.

Mi Watch Revolve Active is a combination of symmetries, a soft feel, and a well-balanced mix of elegance and youngness. It’s like your elder sister, it has 22mm, watch bands. Any time I wear or take off, there’s a notification of the straps. You must thread the strap a bit while grazing the other layer and crossing the two holders when it comes to the time. Prospective customers, on the other hand, would benefit from understanding exactly what they’re getting, which is an improved fitness tracker rather than a low-cost smartwatch.

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