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What is fate – Is fate a mysterious ?

Is fate a mysterious, implacable outside force that governs human destiny? This concept force has influenced many to believe that what is to be will be, and nothing can be done about it.
Fate does mean something ordained – but it is ordained by you yourself, through the operation of the law of causation, or Karma. God gave you the freedom to choose how you will act; but the law of causation governs the outcome according to the nature of the action. Thus every act becomes a cause that will produce a certain kind of effect. When you have set in motion a particular cause, the effect will inevitably correspond to that cause. Whether you do good or evil, you must reap the result of that action. So day by day you are creating the causes that determine your own fate.
There is no such thing as destiny; you make your own particular predetermination. God has given you autonomy to close out His energy or let it in. You have more quality to overcome challenges than you have inconveniences to overcome. You can cure your errors since God has given you reason and will. In the first place you should decide; then hold your will relentlessly to your motivation until it is finished. Teach yourself to build up your resting otherworldly powers. Claim your godliness. Join your awareness with God, and get endowments direct from His hand.
Perhaps daily at the dinner table you say, “I will have a little bit more, please.” After you have finished, you say, “I shouldn’t have eaten so much.” This is human nature. We are the funniest of all God’s creatures. We call ourselves intelligent human beings, but we are slaves to our desires. Because, you eat that “little bit” extra every day, you “suddenly” find you have heart trouble or stomach pains. Then sadly you ask, “Why did this have to happen to me? I must have been fated to be sick.” But that is not so. You forgot about having eaten that “little bit” more, when you should have used self control and taken a little bit less. If a motor is overloaded, and add to that load, naturally it will be hard on the motor. It may give up. In the same way, you overworked your motor of digestion. That was the cause, and it was created by you; your stomach pains from ulcers or indigestion are merely the result.
— Self-Realization Fellowship International Headquarters, California (1939) by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
If you could feel even a particle of divine love, so great would be your joy- so overpowering- you could not contain it.”
Reference- http://www.yogananda.com.au/para/p_fate.html

Priyanka Sinha
Contract Administrator II & Sustainability Council member of Caterpillar Finance
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