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Is Ravan symbol of evil just for kidnapping Sita.

A post which says that society had forgiven Kaurav brothers who abused and tauheed women but burns Ravana every year on Dushera who even didn’t touched Sita. But was not touching Sita by choice or by compulsion.
For answer this here is the story .
Era ago, long before the birth of Rama’s father, Dasharatha, Ravana the Rakshasa King of Lanka went on an expedition to conquer Swargaloka(heaven), the realm of the Gods.
On the way, Ravana and his forces camped in the ravines of the mighty Himalayas. As the son of Vishrava was exploring the mountains, he beheld an Apsara(Angels), a celestial nymph of unearthly beauty. Her name was Rambha.
Filled with desire, Ravana went unto her and introduced himself. Ravana asked Rambha to display her affections to him. Rambha told Ravana that she was engaged to Nalakubera, the son of Kubera, God of Wealth who happened to be Ravana’s half brother.
Kubera lived in the Himalayas. Rambha spurned Ravana’s advances, but that wretch of Pulatsya’s race, blind and insensate with lust, ravished the Apsara, against her will.
When Nalakubera found out about this sin committed by the Lord of Lanka, he pronounced a curse on Ravana that if he ever approached a woman against her will, he would die in that very state with no loss of time. Ravana, intoxicated with vanity, outwardly disregarded the words of his nephew, but from within, he dreaded the curse heaped upon him.Thus Sita, the devoted wife of Rama was protected by Nalakubera’s curse, was safe from the crimes of Ravana.
So not touching Sita was not by choice but by compulsion for Ravana. Also the day of death of Ravana is celebrated as win of goodness over evil not for just one reasons if one goes through Shiv Puran and Vishnu Puran there are numerous act of evils which were done by Ravana.

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