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The journey of knowledge and wisdom in context of Indian civilization

The cyclic lows are time pivots for an exponential growth of future. You can only go from lows to highs.
India has been ripped off its rich past like you rip off a beings liver and heart. The body can be mutilated and decayed but the soul energy returns reverts and re publishes itself. You can only understand if you know a bit of real element of the universe and not just few specks of soil and water constructs.
Ancient India’s decay and breaking down started almost 3000 years ago when Kalyuga had already passed 2000 years .
According to Aryabhata, the Kali Yuga began in 3102 BC, at the end of the Dvapara Yuga that was marked by the disappearance of Krishna Aryabhata’s date is widely repeated all along.

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Before foreign people Indians of different areas began attacking each other and at end they expressed their anger via new ideologies that came and went. We talk here India in a very large context that is now expanded into so many fragments and countries.

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In later years, India was systematically broken down and razed by the most unthoughtful people of no education or culture just as they did to ancient Persia and Khorasan and Balkh [Afghan Tajik Central Asia] too which were once seat of real India, and they literally finished with multi generations and left them wounded and entire Indian line of thought with intermittent gaps were obliterated and literally buried. India of today is still not waking and its trying to become an America or England without realizing its core, its own organic cultural and knowledge background that was the real seed of all human civilization. India of today like China is only trying to cover up thousand years dormant past and it will take time to look within its own roots to realize the real potential within. I think the same would happen to all ancient cultures like the ones in Mediterranean, Persia, Anatolia & some ancient American cultures. The indigenous world of humanity on this planet has been deliberately suppressed, killed and buried but their deep seated seeds are still buried and they will grow once again. All the violent cultures and violent ideas based on only physical realities will be sidelined and future history will thrash them to margins and leave them in some dark ditch. Humanity’s main objective is not to build buidings or material only but to go within their innerself and find their real mission on this planet. Realize that our temporary body is the expression of this physical world but we are not part of it forever it is only a journey through this space and its local time. Grow from your narrow ideas of life… and grow inward to learn.

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We take Yugas as our reference but they are too long for an average human or historical records being not there we take some time pivot as a base. All wisdom acquired is a collective experience of aggregation and it should continue as diversions are there but they are not productive.
Consider that India [We also include most South & SE Asia] has had a history of being purged, suppresed by outsiders and also self destruction by its own people. It will take time to go inward. Please know it is first time in human history an ancient country like India has come out of its shackles with success but it would take time before its people will realize that their true treasures are buried just beneath their own cities and not elsewhere. All great positive journey of knowledge always continues despite hurdles and obstacles. India may be the lighthouse of future as it had been for millions of years..

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