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Intimacy and Divinity:

“Intimacy” or “Intimate relationships” we say closeness between two people or connections formed between two or sexual attractions which cause so. Have you ever wonder what is behind intimacy? What exactly come closer and form connections? Whether two souls or physical body? How it can be bound with divinity? Some people says behind intimacy there is a feeling and emotion which we called love and for some it is just a lust which arouses to involved in sexual relationship. It seems that there are many attributes behind forming intimate relationship. But no one understands the fact that there is no philosophy behind anything. There is either Physics, chemistry or biology behind everything. Or anything which is beyond science or even science fails to make you understand then we say its comes under divinity. So what is science behind sex is biological process of human body, hormonal changes which desires to form sexual relationship. Yes off course, there are many attributes such as love, lust or anything behind this. Have you ever wonder what is the psychology behind love and intimacy and lust and sexuality?

Love is certain emotion which arises in your mind. People say emotions come from heart but no, main role of heart is just to circulate and propel blood throughout the body.  Because it’s a sensitive organ that’s why we tend to confuse with emotions but actually it’s only our mind which thinks either reality or fantasy. Human minds are made in such a way that it will never stop thinking asking questions and thoughts are like it will never gives you satisfactory answers of anything.

Intimacy is a journey of discovery in a relationship.   It may develop between friends as you tell one another your life stories and all your secrets and dreams for the future. Or there may be any other certain ways. When there is inner attachment then it’s a love and if it’s only done for satisfying the bodily requirement then we can say it just a lust. Nothing is wrong and right. By loving you are satisfying your mind and your body needs sex as a requirement. If it remains in human body then it’s good but problem arises when it reaches in human mind. Then chances of being pervert become more in that case. And not only that many people are suffering from certain amount of depression or many other mental instability due to this. Human mind is one of the complex organs of all. It will do the things which you resist so let it flow.

There is also a question regarding why people commit adultery? Whether it’s a sin or just a mistake which can be forgiven? Well I would say that first of all it’s not our duty to decide what sin is or what’s not? I already mentioned that the human mind always try to think the things which is restricted to them and always ask questions why it’s wrong. All we know there is always a science and psychology behind everything. Adultery occurs in the head long before it occurs in the bed. In some country it’s a crime and in some not. I personally don’t support adultery but as per many known psychiatrist; ironically, in some cases a marriage can be strengthened by an affair.  The personal problems and marital issues that led to the affair can be sorted out and worked through, often in therapy, resulting in better marital health and sexual satisfaction in the post-affair era. The bottom line is: (Referred from https://www.psychologytoday.com)

  • Not all marriages in which a spouse has an affair are a badmarriage and not all people who remain sexually faithful are in happy marriages.
  • There are many reasons why people have sex outside of marriage—and not all of them are unhealthy.
  • In cases in which marital problems lead to an affair, or to significant personal problems that are corrected, the marriage can actually be stronger after the affair than it was before.


Intimacy with divinity is the profound feelings of oneness, of non-separation, which some of you have felt for fleeting moments in your life. There is a price to pay for too much intimacy all over the place – unless you know how to keep the body at a distance from yourself. Our mind gets attached to something which lures our body and gives comforts. If we attached in getting too much involved in intimate relationships then it may cause problems. There is fundamental that we should always detach our self and performs our duty. What exactly detachment is up to?

The bondage with the body is deep. That is the source of all attachments.  If you can truly get attached to another being, it is wonderful and fantastic but when you get attached to your own body you become so limited. (Referred from http://isha.sadhguru.org/)

Intimacy is not purely physical. It’s an act of connecting with someone deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul.

Priyanka Sinha
Contract Administrator II & Sustainability Council member of Caterpillar Finance
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