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Can we see through past and future via non traditional means? How do I see beyond the normal?

I only join fragmented pieces or rather a jigsaw puzzle into one and then when I view that it is like that proverbial dark mirror that shows all past and future as if it was a moving continual view. We can capture some of the images and then piece together lies that are proposed as history and after I see all I found that the real truth of life has been carefully hidden and most likely the victims do not know or see those buried fragments. I try to see larger cycles and then I see small cycles within those and once they are coherent one can read it like a book. I learned to to see future via my work as a market analyst that I also learned from great teachers But it seems I had some critical past lives memories that helped me design a few models that I can use to forecast any market prices, forecast for a social, historical or any kind of trend with ease. This is all based on certain natural rules and precise mathematical calculations and not plain esoteric divining. One cant forecast without science and all human sciences are parts of the spiritual science that is based on non physio-chemical rules e.i on spirit’s principles of waves and frequencies. All phenomenon that is born or created by man or by nature has a day of birth and death and we can study the in between path by certain rules. It is very important to read what I write on past and future as I have been consul to few very rich & super funds, and also some Gov. entities on discerning the trends. If you do not want to believe it is just your right and just ignore it. I also see birth and death of entities as if they are being part of a running movie. My spirit master can see it without any meditative trance and also use many special tools to look beyond our realities and can forecast and at times I ask him to help me provide clues on past events and prognosticating future events. At times my mind is opaque and I am unable to focus and then I restart all and I read some of the messages of my master and I go back to my spirit self. My only target is to help people, communities as I have no lucrative or any other ambition or goal. I am publishing my thoughts at suggestion of my spirit master who asked me to inform people with good sense and consciousness to realize their wrong path before it is too late to revert.

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Well I could just be a psycho spiritual medium of light. I acquire lots of light from higher sources and there upon I can see the macro picture of scheme of the things. Even if I communicate some of the layers of past and ancient past and also a forecast for future people will never tend to understand them even though some grasp. You see as the history is already there even if we do not know all, future is already there too and we can not see that. However once you can see through past events we can build upon them a future model very easily and it is all super mathematical, absolutely precise, no nonsense view of coming time. Time is not linear as some think it is always running in waves and the pattern of waves.

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A question. Do you believe in Time Travel, Time travelers, teleportation and the influence of extra-terrestrials on the growth and progress of mankind, civilizations in the ancient times ?
Well One sure thing that is crystal clear is that non physical or spirit medium yes it all works and has worked and those who can see using the spirit energy as a medium are called seers. However there is a physical aspect of this phenomenon of SEEING. On physio chemical dimension the transportation and travel through time technically is workable as I think we live in a bubble that is timed and is a programmed entity. Once a Physical entity get out of that bubble via special gates one can then reach out to other bubbles that are parallel or simultaneously existing as our entire universe is a continuum and even though it appears to be fragmented and linear timed. Time is a mere device and not really a dimension as such. Space is also an illusion and not a dimension even though for a physical human entity space and time are dimensions to situate ourselves as a viable reality. I have encountered and personally met some higher beings who can time travel using the spirit medium and a few also can exit and enter this and other bubbles of realities. The planetary distance and timed travel is only when we see it physically but when time and space is removed, there is no distance. I do get to travel out of body voyages and I have been trained by many years of practice. This helps me to create pivots in different bubbles of time and space that I have encountered. It may not be easily explicable or rather understood by other as it is something beyond common sense. Most people who can only see with their body eyes are unable to see the 91 % reality that is not seen by eyes. So they chase dumb ideas, people or unrealistic dreams and waste their life away. All this noise of social, political, religion and fake build up is to fool the naive.

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