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Can we impose peace via a religion or man made ideology among humans?

All animals and beings on this planet have a set frequency and vibratory rate that keeps them alive and functional but their souls are not able to transcend to higher rates for being stuck in a very limited space due to their limitations and their past karmic trails that have led them to their current rate. However Human beings even though also are on a set frequency and vibratory rate they are not all at the same place. There is a pyramid like structure of energy that is not visible by human eyes. The human beings that we see, irrespective of their color or shape, have their own particular rate of frequency and vibration and there is a majority of almost 60% that is on the foundation or base level. Then there are 6 more layers to upside and each upper layer gets smaller and thus the whole spectrum is like a trine or triangle that is within one round shape bubble that can be measured as 360 degrees. Invisible to human eyes there are energy threads in vertical and horizontal lines where male and female energy creates wave like colors, shapes and within these waves of energy almost all human beings live and breathe based on the electro magnetic energy that is prevalent and pervasive. This energy is manifested via colors & other invisible frequencies always in waves. Without this energy all humans and other beings will be lifeless and will become like creeps that would be semi dormant. Within this vast cosmic triangle within a vast zero the flow of energy of a bubble works. Once we break universal and physical laws of the current bubble the body perishes and the spirit leaves or frees itself of the body it possessed and transcends and moves to other dimensions and worlds or bubbles based on physical chemical forms and reality.

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Peace only stems of nature and one can only be natural if one is devoid of any thoughts, religions, ideas, theories and commands or instructions. Instructions to a very basic base level person is a good idea but one who has crossed the limits of basics, transcends to a higher level of platitude where thinking is possible. So all current religions, thoughts, political ideologies are nothing but extensions of some other humans expressions in different frames of time but their prime objective is to mold to their view point. If their viewpoint is 360 degree and wide it is great if its a narrow view it can only function for a very limited time till the being remains on base level. Once transcended to higher level religions are mere redundant and lose their function. Hence Religions that are propagated by force or almost fear are to tame the basic, savage and ignorant. Those who are to reach to higher platitudes, do not require any religion or even human ideas. Religions are not needed in extra terrestrial “human” world of spirit that is made of sativus energy. Gods or the energy sources do not need these simplistic ideas and they are mere creation of human mind to begin evolutionary process on mind level for those who took birth from lower species or lower genres.

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If you are a human fascinated by one religious thought or a particular set of religion it is very good, study it, apply it but do not try to force upon others by any means. You can publish it but you can not force a reader to read your story. If someone agrees with your story teach them but if someone who does not agree leave them alone to their will.
Once you say that YOUR religion is the greatest or the best it is the most beautiful BUT once you force others to accept your view you are entering into pure blasphemy and trying to play God. Once anyone tries that he is no longer religious but enforcer of his acquired ideas. This may be considered good to your basic mind but it is breaking the very basic rules of universal laws.
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Thus humanity will be more peaceful if we leave our studies of all knowledge to us and the best is to publish it. Those who agree with that study and concur with your idea are of your level and those who say they do not understand it; it is because they are not able to grasp your level and they are either too inferior or perhaps too superior. The third and last possibility is that what you propose is so simplistic and basic and the person is much more superior and he may accept your view to respect you but challenging him and enforce your view on such person is again blasphemy and sheer sin as that person may be on a different frequency and different level of human growth. We can and never should use our force or will on any one ever under any circumstances unless that person or animal being is seeking. We can only be responsible for our own acts & never of others nor can we judge others. JUDGE yourself as much as possible and refine your impurities till you become pure.
When we try to force, enforce, dictate or abuse ourselves upon others we are breaking the basic law of universe by forcing our WILL on others will. Keep in mind that all Godly energy that is creative and destructive, male and female and forever static, alive and invisible, unmanifested does not allow any entity with a body to enter in other body’s free will space. Those who enter and force or try to hurt them get punished for eons and depending on their sins they are transcended to nether or unpleasant worlds and dimensions where they are recycled to the extent of resetting their prior frequency.
The problem is that we ourselves are looking for “our” problems in others when the problem is within oneself. Most of these religious people are void of any awareness and hence they perceive that their keep parroting the senseless it will start making sense to them. But they are fooling themselves and fooling oneself is totally free
You are free to express, discuss your views but without offending anyone as our purpose is to ONLY Learn the reality and not abuse anyone as showing our ignorance only expresses our lack of knowledge.
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