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Who will be the Sikander of 2018 in Tripura?

Many people may be upset with me when their “branded ambassador of development with a clean imaged”-
hero has been criticized by me frequently for his willful lapses on several issues .
A politician in opposition,Tripura said to me, a few days ago, “there is none within our party at per his(hero) high statue”.I understood their understanding was different from that of mine. And nothing could be done through these people(leaders).
The then leader of the opposition,Tripura who used to submit his statement with sufficient supportive data and could express explicitly any topic won my confidence.I prepared a report for CBI inquiry against Chief Secretary(2011-14) who did financial indiscipline in SIPARD when he happened to be acting as Director in 2004-05.
He, the opposition leader,under the plea of handing it over to Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram GOI grabbed the sealed cover report from me some time in April 2011.
To my surprise a TV channel of Agartala telecasted it. Thus the step taken by me against a corrupt top officer of the state had been foiled. Can I respect the then opposition leader(2011) to be my leader any longer ?
He lost my confidence right from then .
I charged the leader on his such abortive action – he replied,”you will not understand it ,Mr. Singha”. I failed to assess how much understanding he possessed more than I on its implications ?
What I understand is with such faithless and dishonest people the present political scene of Tripura could not be changed.They may draw some people under their banner but somewhere they are in terms with people of authority.They know well their future is sealed by “High Command” they can not cross the “Laxman Rekha” prescribed by Delhi-based party bosses. So, they can not be blamed.The slogan of the political relationship between Left and Congress as” Friendship in Delhi and at war in Tripura ” proposed by critics is true.
But a meticulous student of International Relationship will find the clue in US_USSR relationship between 1939 to 1945 when both the countries fought against the common enemy the Axis forces (Germany, Italy ,Japan) and as soon as the Axis power had been defeated the rift between US and USSR started.USSR expanded its satellite states around USSR against the resolution taken up at Yalta Conference 1946 and cold war started right from then. The world countries had been controlled by Big-polar politics since long up to the collapse of erstwhile USSR in 1991.The withdrawal of USSR forces from Afghanistan in 1989 was beginning of the collapse of USSR which culminated in the collapse of it in 1991.
US tie up its relationship with countries under CENTO,NATO,SEATO,ANEWS and USSR under WARSAW Pact 1956 organized its block. It is a popular proverb in Russia “You can walk with a devil up to the end of the bridge”. So the close relationship between US and USSR during 1939_1945 was an emergency stop-gap arrangement and not a permanent one .
In WB Left and Congress adopted that logic. To save their local resorts on the face of the strong wave of Mamata image the opposition leaders for their existence adopted tie up with the apparently opposition party to fight their common enemy. The greatness of Mamataji was that she could guess the nexus long ago and came out from Congress and founded TMC in 1998. Lt. S.S.Roy ex-Chief Minister of WB during 1972-77 said TMC was original Congress and except TMC there was no Congress as far as WB was concerned. Mamataji could focus the Left -Congress nexus in public compelling left and Congress to tie up during recently concluded Assembly polls, 2016. The common people who fought for last three decades expressed their anguish sizing the opposition to their required sizes. They punished them mercilessly. It is common people who brought back TMC in power on the united onslaught of Congress,BJP Left, and leaders in the hills beside Narada and Sarada.
Our leaders of Tripura know it well. Why did they not join TMC long before ? Critics say to distribute opposition votes the sudden resigning of seven Cong MLA from their party and joined in TMC is an abortive mission to block BJP from expanding in Tripura after Assam in North East.
Some say the game master played the game well in advance of 2018 polls.The anti-CPI(M) votes since distributed to many contenders the hero will carry forward his authority in 2018 also.
Whatever may be the events Tripura will witness a political drama in 2018 elections for the Assembly. Never left has had met such a challenge in last five elections. A true opposition has started against misrulers of left front .
Whether TMC or Congress or BJP take the lead , people will be counting the days
It is on the card Tripura disgusted with known faces for the last two and half decade wants” a new talented and wise leadership from 2018″ and by the misrule of “self-styled clean imaged” masked politicians.
Unemployed are at the brink of revolt,staff threatened with transfer to remote places and a monthly donation to party fund are fed up with the rotten system,students at grips of learning the business” are bewildered,police impotent at political boss’s wish,development mixed with grabbing amount mechanically . A united strong force may throw away Left rule easily .
See who is Sikander of 2018 in Tripura.

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