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Whether the recent Indian political trend deseeding the old national parties and again making Tripura politics important after 1993?

The trend of recently concluded assembly elections in five states give us an offing trend of Indian politics.
The importance of Congress party is deseeding and being replaced by either national parties or regional parties.
West Bengal:
Whatever the oppositions through manipulation of video, media monger issues, the so called deployment of central forces sting operation, Sarada scam, confinement of heavy weight leaders, conduct of elections in seven phases in West Bengal, the dominant Mamata Banerjee compelled arch rival Congress and CPI (M) in election alliance gives a strong message to mass that they are mere creatures at the hands of their political leaders. She has been object of attack from all opponent parties including Civil Society processions and comes out with absolute majority claiming 211 seats in WB assembly.
They observed with anguish Rahul Gandhi and Budhadev Bhattacharjee under one umbrella and garlanded by one big specially made big garland beside Adhir Chowdhury.
They have seen how Manas Bhuiah hugging Suryskanta Mishra declared amidst mass procession in Kolkata, “I will be happy to see you dada, the coalition Chief Minister after the elections in W.B.
Such political insolvency of the CPI (M) and Congress the people of the country have noticed with utter anguish. This alliance has been termed by Mamata Banerjee as “political blunder” of Congress in national politics and for CPI (M) in regional politics.
Although Congress through this alliance could secure more seats than 2011 elections with 44 seats, CPI (M) reduced to 33 seats from…..seats of 2011 elections.
Whatever the criticisms against the alliance between Congress and CPI(M), Adhir Chowdhury and Manas Bhuiya are vividly relieved that they through this alliance could consolidate their positions temporarily by securing 44 seats in 294 seated WB assembly superseding CPI(M).
We may compare this alliance with the US-USSR alliance during Second World War from 1939 to 1945 so long the crusade to defeating Hitler and Axis’s continued only for their survival. The alliance collapsed as soon as the menace disappeared on ending of World War II and world had been divided into American Block and Russ Block popularly known as Big_ Polar politics for more than four decades (1945-1993) known as Cold War. To justify the alliance the popular Russian Proverb may be quoted,” You can walk with a devil up to the end of the bridge.” Similarly it was a temporary arrangement i e. stop gap arrangement, between Congress and CPM to my views.
In nineteenth century European politics
For their survival Congress and CPM should maintain their separate ideological identity. Otherwise both the parties are an easy prey to TMC wave.
The alliance proved a political gimmick to public. In Kerala Congress and CPI (M) fought against each other and Congress surrenders to Left front. To his utter anguish Manik Sarkar Chief Minister, Tripura after canvassing in assembly elections in WB ,Kerala opined and outburst against the unethical alliance terming CPI(M) as “third kid theory. “Surprisingly for such outburst against CPM ethics _not to open mouth against party decisions, none issued any explanation from Manik Sarkar a politburo member. That inter alias speaks that he could realize the impending collapse of Left in WB and it clearly indicated his differences with Bengal line.
Kerala & Tamil Nadu:
In Kerala ruling UDF led by Congress succumbed to LDF led by CPI (M) by claiming UDF_46 seats against LDF 91 seats in 140 seated Assembly seats.
Coming to Tamil Nadu against the odds like her jail for corruption and other issues, strong Karunanidhi wave “Amma” disproved all speculations and proved her relevancy in Tamil Nadu politics. She returned with majority.
Pondicherry is the only resort for Congress by securing 17 seats in 30 seated assembly.
But Congress heavily lost in Assam by securing only 26 seats against 86 BJP claims all time highest only for the Congress appeasement policy to minorities so much so that the mass minorities in Assam voted for BJP. And thus BJP could send a new signal that BJP is not confined to Hindu votes no longer. We will surprise if slowly UDF of Ajmal group merge with BJP for the open door policy of BJP especially to minority Muslims.
It spreads its wings in almost all states like 3 seats in WB, 01 in Kerala is a new beginning.
Modi-Amit Shah wave will surpass all odds in coming days in Indian politics reducing Congress to a meager force is offing.
In coming elections the true political game plan will be witnessed by us. While Sudip Roy Burma and co. regained from posts like opposition leader in Tripura Assembly followed by suspension from Congress High Command, Birjit Sinha congress president became relieved from his arch rival in Tripura Congress allowing Burman and others for their easy entry in TMC.
Mamata Banerjee may in coming days puts her eyes on Tripura if a clean imaged people friendly political leader is available within TMC Tripura. Only for opportunist game plan by some immature politicians of Tripura who are power mongers only, TMC supremo Mamata Banernerjee may not take the risk to lose her image.
BJP also suffers from leader crisis in Tripura. The dedicated people enriched with BJP ideology are a few only when CPI (M) has as many as more than sixty co organizations within their fold and a well knitted organization rank and file. They have undisputed strong leadership in Manik Sarkar who has been ruling the state from 1998.
But Assam won by BJP with 86 seats is a booster dose for Tripura. Let us see how the anti-Left forces in Tripura handle 2018 elections in Tripura.
In every probability Left is going to face stiff opposition in 2018 elections in Tripura from TMC and BJP.I will not be surprised if Cong-CPI (M) front vs BJP-TMC front come into face to face war.

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