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Whether Indian Muslims could be like Rohingya's in future?

If we keep on keeping religion over the country.

If keep considering hatemongers like Zakir Naik and Barkati as Scholars.

If we keep on flocking rallies of people like Shabbir Ali warsi who threaten to destroy India if India doesn’t allow foreigners.[1]

If we keep on rooting for people like Owaisi brothers who are dividing our society on religious line. (Why doesn’t the senior Owaisi condemn divisive statements of his younger brother?)

One day we will create a war like situation where we will end up creating a Myanmar if not Syria in our own country. There will be war and bloodshed like what is being witnessed in these countries.

You know the reason for Rohingya crisis, the reason for partition of India, the reason for Kashmir Problem, the reason for constant skirmishes in Xinxiang in China, the reason for turmoil in Chechnya, has some things in COMMON.

It all engenders from this notion that Muslims must rule Muslims, the inability to integrate with different cultures. In one word: EGO.

It’s this ego, that today a disturbing number of people think that Islam is unable to integrate with non Islamic world. It’s the reason why so many of us choose to live in “closed society” of ghettos in west and not in the mileu of the open society we have migrated to.

Muslims are ‘not like us’, says ex-equalities chief Trevor Phillips

Manchester attack brings Muslim integration into focus

Muslims ‘have the RIGHT to use Sharia law in Britain’, says Islamic activist

Just think why is it that, almost every-time it has to be a Muslim (Non Indian though) who is involved in attacking the very country which gives him refuge or citizenship? Why do we always expect others to adjust to us and not the other way round? These are the tough question that we have to ask ourself.

Can we deny the fact that Budhist has an unblemished track record of not being the aggressors in the last 2500 Years (barring a handful exceptions)? Then what provoked them?

To not beat around the bush, Rohingya crisis arose because of the folly of Rohingya leaders. They wrote to Jinnah to secede from Myanmar in 1948 losing the trust of the Burmese. And did they try to make any amends, and win the loyalty?

No, In fact Several Rohingya leaders kept on stirring the communal cauldron, and the general Rohingyas kept on supporting and propping up such leaders. Eventually these leaders formed a Militant/ terrorist organization called Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO). The present conflict started after Rohingyas killed many of Burmese Policemen in an armed Ambush in October, 2016 followed by many more. There are many video footage of RSO people training in Afghanistan and Pakistan with established links to Al-Qaeda[2]. There is a reason why no country is ready to accept the Rohingyas[3]. Not even one Middle eastern country has offered to take the Rohingya refugees, proving that global ummah (Islamic brotherhood) is a myth. If middle eastern countries had any respect ummah than the entire middle east should have been a single country and not fragmented by nationalities. National Identity is a reality of 21st century.

If Indian Muslims kept on supporting communal leaders like Owaisi, and divisive clerics like Barkati and Shabbir warsi, then one day we will ensure that we give rise to another Jinnah who will make our existence with our own brothers impossible. Then we will head to a civil war, much to the liking of Pakistan and even west.

And if you are thinking that Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim country will help than see this.

‘Food crisis’ hits 10,000 laid-off Indians in Saudi Arabia

I have myself seen people writhing in their regime without any help. They can’t feed those Indians who worked for them in their country. Do you expect them to help you living here thousands of Kilometer away?

Their money is for luxury of their Royals.

Saudi King returns home after spending $100million on Moroccan holiday

Have you heard any concrete action from them regarding Rohingyas apart from hollow words? NO.

I am afraid the way radicals in parts of India like in Bengal are having a fields day, that they are openly warning the country of Killing Lakhs for Rohingyas, we may very much have a Myanmar like situation in our country soon.

‘Even If We Are 72, We Can Kill Lakhs,’ Says Bengal Cleric Over Deportation Of Rohingyas

Our false ego and support for radical leaders can potentially create a big crisis one day. Then which country you will go to? Think about it. Don’t keep on hitting the branch you are sitting on with an axe of hate and ego, the day it gives in, everything will be finished. As the saying goes in Hindi “na ghar ke rahoge na ghaat ke” (Loosely translates to you will end up getting neither the house nor the pier.)

Introspect. Fault does not always lie with opposite party. Some times it’s within.

As Ghalib has to say.

Umrr bhar mein yahi galti karta raha,

dhool chehre pe thi aur mein ayeena saaf karta raha.

(The whole life I kept on cleaning/Blaming the mirror, when it was my face that was in need of the wipe.)

Stop being part of a herd.


[1] Bengal Shia cleric Shabbir Ali Azad Warsi threatens to overthrow central govt over deportation of Rohingya Muslims

[2] Rohingyas trained in different Al-Qaeda and Taliban camps in Afghanistan

[3] Why No One Wants The Rohingyas

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