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Whether BJP Can Be A Force Before Tripura Election 2018

7th August 1942 was the day Gandhiji started Quite India movement . 190 years British rule in India ended on August 15,1947.
By inducting 06 MLAs of Tripura Assembly in BJP the latter started crusade to oust misrule of CPI(M) in Tripura  for 35 years from 1978 (with a brief break of 05 years from 1988 – May,1993) until date pushing the state to a deplorable condition in every respect except accumulation of huge amount to a few party workers of the ruling party.
Firstly, The peasants have been discouraged to continue agricultural activities by providing the benefit of MNREGA ,and BPL facility. The peasants see that it was better not to cultivate land which is costly rather than resorted to MNREGA works which ensures easy money and rice @Rs 2.00 per kg and 35 kg per month which is better than toiling in field . Thus the state has become a beggars state. Without rice fro Central allotment the people are an easy prey to hoarders .
Secondly, Health sector very deplorable.Daily as many as 20/21 patients are referred to outside hospitals . There are ill equipped PHCs but  with no doctors or nurses. The Malaria ,Gastroentritics are common visitors in rural Tripura and claim a sizeable people every year .There are buildings but with no equipments . A total callousness of health sector .
Thirdly, Education totally collapsed in rural and tribal areas .
Only for private tutors education is sustaining . Teachers are more keen to earn money from tuition at home rather than attending classes in School. The orders of Government banning tuition by teachers foiled . The cancellation of appointment of 10,223 teachers by the Supreme Court  came as a blow to the education department . Totally at sixes and sevens .
Fourthly, Road and communication : Barring main roadside and link roads to Sub -divisional headquarters and Block headquarters still people have to walk down kms and kms for attending marketing and for collection of rations . It was only for launching “Pradhan Mantri Sadak Yijana “-during last BJP Government in central under Atalji that some link roads have found the days of the light . Still hundreds of villages are not connected to link roads .
Fifthly, Fishery revolution in Tripura totally flopped . Without fish supply from Andhra and from Kanpur and from neighbouring Bangladesh no function either marriage or other functions could be imagined . Fish revolution in Tripura is confined in papers and records for seeking fund from central Government .
Sixthly, Unemployment. About 7.75 lakhs unemployed have registered their names in employment exchanges of the state . Still there is no Offshore employment exchanges . As a result many a number unemployed youths prone to go in Arab and Far East countries through private agencies . A good number of youths died in foreign countries and the problem of bringing back their coffin a big problem . Still the state Government has not taken any positive steps for setting up of Offshore exchanges in the state .
Employment is for ruling party cadres . Interview is an eye wash  to show that some procedures  have been maintained .
So, the mandate for BJP in Assembly Elections 2018 only a conclusion from the voters officially only.
Seventhly , Corruption . Tripura is a totally corrupted state . Huge funds flown from Central Government had not been properly utilised for the purpose sanctioned for but utilisation certificates had been furnished on papers to ensure continuous flow of funds from the centre . If wished the centre can issue financial emergency in Tripura at any time .
Eighthly , the PSUs are centres of rehabilitation of party leaders . All are sick . No plan for earning . Those are being run under grant in aids .
There are many more important burning issues . Like appointment of language teachers for linguistic minority groups pending for decades .
All are fad up with present ruling party . The opposition Cong was maintaining a good relationship for political obligations in centre and so the peaceful co existence between CPI(M) and Congress is an open topic for the people .
In the above scenario the BJP in every possible way may oust CPI(M) from power  in Tripura Election 2018 .

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