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What India should learn after the NSA level talk call off by Pakistan?

Again the talks between India and Pakistan at NSA level had failed. And it is pathetic to see Pakistan making sincere effort to make diplomatic talk between India and Pakistan fail and at the end of the day, they blame India for the failure of the talks. Enough is enough. Is it really necessary to hold Indo-Pak talk ? Lots of public’s money has been wasted in holding these talks. Lets not waste anymore money on these crap diplomatic talks and lets just think about taking action. What America did when their security was being threatened by Al- Queda? Did they hold talks with Al-Queda and Taliban for requesting them not to launch attack on America anymore? What Israel did when their players was being butchered at the Munich Olympic Village by Palestinian terrorists? They killed the each and every terrorists responsible for the massacre. So it is time for India to go America’s or Israel’s way. Where one cannot be convinced with peaceful talks , application of forces has become necessity. This is the lesson which the mighty epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata has taught us. Great scholar Chanakya said that being too simple and too soft is not appreciable, else enemy can take advantage. Apart from that , it is better to keep company with snake rather than evil country like Pakistan, because, snake will bite in his self-defense, but Pakistan will bite anytime for no reason. So , it is better for India not to let this evil forces grow anymore. I would like to suggest some concrete measures which Government of India should take or to be exact, should have taken in dealing with Pakistan. My proposals are :

1) Do not let any of the Pakistan Officials like NSA Sartaj Aziz enter into the territory of the India until they give official statement that they will surrender alleged terrorists responsible for 26/11, Akshardham terrorist attack, attack on Parliament etc. to India.

2) Lets break all the economic and business ties with Pakistan and create economic blockade for producing disruption in the economy of the Pakistan.

3) Lets carry out covert operations to kill all the terrorists responsible for the 26/11 , track them and hunt them down .

4) It is not required to spend public’s money in giving the terrorists fair judiciary trials. Sentence of death is the only solution for them. They kill lots of people without hesitation , why should we hesitate to kill them at once? Providing terrorists fair judiciary trial is the insult to the soul of those martyrs who has given their lives to protect the honor of the country.

5) Pakistani sympathizers like Huriyat who has got the tag “Separatists” on their back, should be declared as a threat to the integrity and unity of the nation and each and every member of their party should be prosecuted for treason against India and its people.

6) Pakistan has sheltered one of the most wanted fugitives Dawood Ibrahim, and this is enough reason to break all diplomatic ties with Pakistan. Today I was watching in an news channel that some journalists have been able to track Dawood’s phone number in Karachi and they were having conversation with Dawood’s wife Mehzabeen Sheikh, in which it was being seen her saying that Dawood had been sleeping. Is it not intolerable to see that we are letting this criminal who has committed many crimes till now in India, sleep? A special team should be sent inside Karachi and hunt Dawood Ibrahim down the way America hunted down Osama. If possible, hunt Hafeez Muhammad Saeed too.

7)Stooge of Pakistan like Gilani should be sent to Pakistan. That is where I think, he belongs. Otherwise , he will talk bad things about India and asking for passport thereafter so that he can go out of India and tarnish the image of India in front of the whole world.

8) Military training should be made compulsory and included in the present curriculum so that each and every boys and girls can be trained to fight when the need will arise to resort to arms to protect motherland.

9) Kill all those people like Massarat Alam who hoist flag of ISIS and Pakistan in the territory of India. Just give the shoot at sight order.

10) Send troops inside the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Gilgit to capture and make them part of India. Peoples of Gilgit have always been oppressed by the Pakistan Government and they want to be the part of India. So it is time to make their wish come true. There was no such thing as POK. Its existence is absurd. Kashmir has always been the part of India and will always be. So, it is not required to waste public’s money in holding talks with Pakistan on Kashmir Issue. There are other issues to discuss about.

In the concluding part, I would like to suggest Pakistan that instead of back biting India each and every time, concentrate on your development on your country and your people. And get used to the fact that you are no match for India. You guys have lost 4 wars to India . Do not make you look like pathetic anymore. After all , you will be the loser at the end of the day.

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