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Wahhabism – The radical ideology has already entered India

Wahhabism – The radical ideology has already entered India
Wahhabism, a fundamental Sunni school of Sunni Islam originating in Saudi Arabia,
entered South Asia in the late 1970s. With public and private Saudi funding, Wahhabism
has steadily gained influence among Muslim communities throughout the region. As a
result, the nature of South Asian Islam has significantly changed in the last three
decades and it has become more radical in nature. The result has been an increase in
Islamist violence in Pakistan, Indian Kashmir, and Bangladesh.
Post 1971 war, after General Zia took the charge and , Zia-ul-haqq-ise the Pakistan, on
behalf of America, Sauds and Makhtuums kept pouring the money and that non stop just
to make sure that from North Waziristan to Quetta , they WSDisation could be done and
Pakistan successfully achieved that.
The biggest problem Pakistan is suffering internally and externally is the fact that the
system has been taken over by WSDs , to name few, Khadim Rizvi, Mujiburr , Rana
Salehlullah and Ludhyanvi. They are the poster boys of religious nationalism and are the
founding fathers of Sipah-e-Sabaha and Lashkar-e-Jaanghvi.
(Enemies of minorities and non-sunni Muslims)
Because of WSDisation of Pakistan, first the history was erased and then the cultural
genocide was done. (Point to be noted : Sauds and America sponsored them, and
recently Mr. Salman accepted that publicly)
(Now it can easily be understood that how much Pakistani establishment and it’s ad-hoc
spokespersons hate India and are full time propagandists in gulf and United Kingdom)
WSDs are the reason, there would never be normalcy in India-Pakistan relations despite
the fact people of Sindh want beautiful relations with India. The huge amount of money
which you have just mentioned is for the cause of WSDisation of India , specially Kerala,
West UP, Kashmir, South Hariyana, Maharashtra and West Bengal and the whole nation
is witnessing the religious and political violence (recently conducted local elections) in
these states.
It’s not just Radicalization but more dangerous part is people are brainwashed and they
are forced to question the common history which connects us.
“Spread of Wahhabism was done at the Request of West” – Saudi despot, Ibne Salman. (
He has already a huge controversy , naked beach and casinos in Saudi are few ). Proving
once again that Wahhabi Fascism and Western “Civilization” are inextricably linked since
the Lutheran-Calvinist doctrine of puritanical literalism. Previously, Wahhabi terrorism
was justified by its Western creators as a “bulwark against the Iranian Revolution” – in
itself a morally unjustifiable argument.
Those who deny the culpability and agency of either the WSD Takfiris or the West, in
creating this global destruction and hate, are being dishonest.
Initially, the mushrooming of Wahhabi and Deobandi groups worked to produce
mujahedeen to fight in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Later, elements of the
Pakistani government, notably the Pakistani intelligence agency, the Inter-Services
Intelligence (ISI), saw the spread of Wahhabism as useful in creating jihadist proxies to
influence Afghanistan and Kashmir in India. (It is to be noted that at the same time west
was observing all these things and they turned the blind eye towards the Pakistan
sponsored Islamic terrorism and in fact on the name of military and other aid kept
pouring billions in Pakistan which the security establishment instead of empowering a
common Pakistani, used to create more and more Jehadis in order to use them as a
tactical instrument in its foreign policy vis-a-vis India)
Similarly a new trend has started and Saudi based agencies are pouring money in India
and focusing on Islamic education according to Saudi Arabian standard which is
Wahhabi in nature.
In the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Saudi influence has led to 1.5 million people,
from a population of 8 million, to affiliate with Wahhabi mosques. A Saudi-funded group,
Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith claims 16 percent of Kashmir’s population as its members and has
built 700 mosques and 150 schools. Police in Jammu and Kashmir believe this is the
result of a $35 billion plan approved by Saudi Arabia’s government in 2005 to build
mosques and madrassas in South Asia. (Ref : Georgetown security studies:
[1] Tariq Mir, “Kashmir: The Rise of a Hard Faith,” Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting,
December 13, 2011,
[2] Asit Jolly, “The Wahhabi Invasion,”India Today, December 23, 2011,
[3] Jolly, “The Wahhabi Invasion.”
All the money is coming from Sauds again and that’s all WSDise the Indian Muslims
which though are Barelvi and Deobandi but miles and miles away from Salafists and
Wahhabi takfeeris and these are the dangerous signs considering the national and
internal security of India and government and security agencies in India need to pull their
socks up and should start an investigation and government of India need to ask a
question to itself that if Wahhabi Salafi Deobandi education is necessary for Indian
Muslims which is going to radicalized them further than making them liberal and
progressive in nature and if that’s not required then why this is being allowed?

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