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Tripura Politics and the vacuum of top leadership in opposition.

All on a sudden as many as six Congress sitting MLAs joined TMC,one backed to CPI(M) wherefrom he left earlier and managed a ticket from Congress thus reducing Congress strength from ten to three only in Tripura Assembly.
Following rout of CPI(M) and Congress nexus in West Bengal Assembly Smt. Mamata Banerjee declared Tripura her next destination. The message in mass is only Mamataji knows the tactics of uprooting invincible left rule from West Bengal and naturally her message encouraged real anti-CPM people of Tripura for a relief from CPI(M) misrulers.
The leaders of the state are known faces to the public . How much Mamataji magic works in Tripura is the burning question.Mamata like a determined political leader in Tripura is totally absent. Mass people hunts for a good leader of all Tripura image. It must be admitted that the simplicity of Mamata Banerjee takes her to the height of a great leadership which the concerted effort of Congress,CPM BJP,Narada,Sarada could not do any harm to her strong base in Bengal. She put Congress and CPM nexus public and both the party leaders have been befooled by mass people. If Mamataji could find out a faithful lieutenant in Tripura she could prove her strategy fruitful in Tripura.
BJP also taking grounds at different places. There is a vacuum of top leaders in BJP. The joining of Jawhar Saha and Subaltern Bhowmik in BJP marked an enriched BJP with grass root level leaders but still now no well-known face has figured in BJP from Muslims,Manipuris, and Tribals. The dramas of pressure groups for claiming as big stakeholders is on the card. Amar Bengali is also trying to emerge from slumber.In Assam, Muslims voted BJP in power. In Tripura, BJP is yet to reach to Muslims.
In the event the anti-Left vote is distributed amongst Congress,TMC,BJP, and other pressure groups it is Left who will come out to retain power in 2018 assembly polls.
But if BJP is determined to oust left from Tripura there is every possibility of ousting CPI(M) misrulers from Tripura, it goes without saying. Natural leaders or situation leaders may run Tripura after 2018 assembly polls.

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