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Real force of democracy in Tripura

They started their long march to the scheduled ground where from they will get a glimpse of their King and had his versions on his subjects.
They have been allured to attend the gatherings,some cash in hand for the day,and other amenities to persuade , have been arranged through sycophants appropriately ; and so the half naked,I’ll fed poor people on the top of the buses,trucks ,commando jeeps had been being pulled,some lost their precious life on road accidents,some hospitalized.
The King of the land appeared in the gatherings from the well decorated Dias lectured for about one hour in the afternoon targeting the Centre that it was only for the centre that the king could not give the basic necessities of life.The king , very eloquent in speech detailed how the global warming hits the progress of his land,how the open economy affects the progress of his kingdom.The revolution in China,Russia had been briefed .The Afghanistan problem,Rhodesia ,Congo were not missed.
They wonder how the little head of their King could capture such huge topics !
They were relieved that to an upright person the reins of the kingdom is rested lest there would have been anarchy or Rule of Fish started.
So,they expressing their faith in the king for another five years returned home and laid their fatigue,tired Skelton in the cot for fast asleep.

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