Well I am just a common person as you or any other citizen of India . An ordinary youth. Wow “YOUTH” a very heavy word to explain. People say youths are the future of a country. Every step they take leads to tomorrows future of a country. Well we stay in a country India – a vast nation , it is the seventh largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. According to Census of India of 2011, India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. And all these people of different languages and great minds are a part of the huge system that runs the country India – “POLITICS”. Now lets minimize this huge nation for you . India is a federal union of states comprising twenty-nine states and seven union territories.
Now its time to think why such a huge nation with so many people , so many ideas is still lagging behind. Why still it is called a third world country. . .
A country is called developed or should I say can be called developed when each and every state of that huge country becomes developed, when each and every people in every state gets employed and tend to live a comfortable life.
Now its time to ask the question to all the politicians , to the Chief Minister (C.M)of each and every state of this huge country India – ” IS YOUR STATE ONE OF THE DEVELOPED STATES OF INDIA ? ” ” IS EVERY PERSON IN YOUR STATE EMPLOYED ?” “DOES YOUR STATE HAS THE INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURE NEEDED FOR THE EMPLOYMENT OF THE PEOPLE OF THAT PARTICULAR STATE ?”
I guess most of the answer will “NO”. And I also know that as they are politicians their answer will be something like this-   “Yes we are trying ….” ” yes we are trying to provide employment……” ” the % of total employment has increased by blah blah ………% from the last year….” ” ….. i have personally requested ……industrialist to set up an industry in our state……” and so on . But the fact remains unemployment. In India what I have seen unemployment and illiteracy are two parallel sides of the road. They shake hands with each other. The only way to eliminate illiteracy is by providing employment.
A person who has a good income can send his children in good school where they learn proper discipline, manners , values , ways to execute their ideas. They realize what they have missed ,they realize the difficulties they faced in life and they try to execute new ways so that their next generation doesn’t face the same difficulties and doesn’t miss the things that they missed in their life. And this phenomenon goes on which leads to success. Its a branch process.
But when there is no employment as per requirement how can this branch process work. and if this doesn’t work a country can never develop. POLITICS does play an important role and its time for YOUTH to take step.
But instead of Development what are we getting corruption, a system where rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer or may be in the same state unaffected by the system.
To understand more deeply lets take an example, lets speak of a state West Bengal.
West Bengal after being ruled by Left Front for 34 years (1977-2011) was handed over to Trinamool congress party in West Bengal Legislative Assembly election 2011 . If I look back in time from 1977 to present . I hardly see development . I am not saying it hasn’t developed it has but not in proportion to the increasing population, not in proportion to increased rates in market of our daily needs. I look back and see factories shutting down people getting unemployed, labour union strikes holding political flags in their hand. Politics is there to do good to people to go a step ahead to glorious future but rather it became a media to a declining condition of a state.
The state’s economic recovery gathered momentum after economic reforms in India were introduced in the early 1990s by the central government, aided by election of Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya in 2000. As of 2007, armed activists have been organizing terrorist attacks in some parts of the state while clashes with the administration have taken place at several sensitive places on the issue of industrial land acquisition.
The Nandigram violence an incident in West Bengal where, on the orders of the Left Front government, more than 4,000 heavily armed police stormed the Nandigram area with the aim of stamping out protests against the West Bengal government’s plans to expropriate 10,000 acres (40 km2) of land for a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to be developed by the Indonesian-based Salim Group. The police shot dead at least 14 villagers and wounded 70 more.
The SEZ controversy started when the government of West Bengal decided that the Salim Group of Indonesia would set up a chemical hub under the SEZ policy at Nandigram, a rural area in the district of Purba Medinipore. The villagers took over the administration of the area and all the roads to the villages were cut off. A front-page story in the Kolkata newspaper, The Telegraph, on 4 January 2007 was headlined, “False alarm sparks clash”. According to the newspaper that village council meeting at which the alleged land seizure was to be announced was actually a meeting to declare Nandigram a “clean village”, that is, a village in which all the households had access to toilet facilities.
POLITICS doesn’t always mean it has to be associated with the political parties , it also means the political decisions we common people take in our daily life which affects the government in future and the masses of the state for generation after generation .
Whoever has made the mistake the government or the common people, whatever adverse situation it was , no matter whatever loss or gain was suffered or achieved … today the masses of this state are the looser. No big industrialization has happened in a decade. Don’t know about the calculation of the government but as normal overview unemployment has increased.
If the government says about the increment of states revenue I would say its only because the youths took an initiative by going to other states , other countries for job & brought back their income to the state. This is not only happening in West Bengal but also in other states like Orissa ,Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam , Tripura, Mizoram etc.
Politics is not doing good to any people now days . And that’s the reason why youths with sensible ideas and interests are leaving this country going abroad selling their ideas to foreign nations just for employment . As a result countries like Australia, America , U.K and others getting developed and India is only counting GNI ( Gross National Income).
POLITICS is no more the backbone of this country it has become the junk food that we are taking in our system daily causing different health problems. We need to wake up, rise up , become sensible and use those 1.2 billion minds their ideas to the development of this country, increase industrialization increase employment increase opportunities for our coming generations.
Isn’t it better to give a strong back bone to the coming generations than a diseased body filled with junk food or I should say a diseased nation with full of shit and junk ideas.

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