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People of Kashmir should make their life heavenly with India rather dreaming for an uncertain Pakistan

I am sharing something which is not new, deliberately ignored by some that’s another case.  The reasons to ignore reality of any situation may ranges from complexity of the issue to someone’s personal agendas (Power, Politics and Religion).
Kashmir issue is really not a new issue…… Let’s get started with what all happened in not so distant past:

  1. Pakistan started covert attacks on Kashmir at the time when Maharaja of the Jammu and Kashmir was in a limbo about the future of the J&K. The initial war was carried out by the Pakistani army posing themselves as mujahideen.
  2. When Pakistan attacked all of a sudden Maharaja Hari Singh requested India to rescue and defend J&K from Pakistan’s aggression. India has sacrificed her soldiers in an exchange of accession of Jammu and Kashmir to Free India.
  3. Indian Army defended present Kashmir by nailing mujahideen sent from Pakistan, who were actually Pakistan army and attacked Jammu and Kashmir covered under the veils of mujahideen.

People say Pundit Nehru was less diplomatic but got the top seat of India (due to his influence). He involved UN into this issue to get a resolution without shedding more blood.
UN resolution provided 3 conditions ([Details]):

  1. Pakistan has to move each any every soldier from POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).
  2. India will keep their minimal army to maintain law and order.
  3. Once harmony is installed Kashmir people will be able to freely decide which govt to choose through a plebiscite.

Pakistan (a liar state) has later accepted that they sent their army which they never withdrew nor they have respected the resolution. They keep on sending terrorists to Kashmir valley time to time with the help of some of the radical religious influential Kashmiri leaders. This got more vigorous after the disintegration of USSR, jobless terrorists from Afghanistan continued their favorite job (fighting with someone., maybe it’s Russia, America or India) on new untouched battle ground of Kashmir valley. It was an easy target to start violence in the name of religion, false propaganda (their main strategy even today), historical past and underdeveloped sate of valley. We were also wrong when we meddled with the chosen government of Kashmir in late 80’s, which also helped these radical elements to gain popularity and start ruining the state day by day.
It’s our moral duty to think beyond our religion and need to be tolerant towards other communities. We have seen massacre of Kashmiri pundits where they were killed, raped, burned alive, thrown out from their own house, really was this a freedom struggle, if that’s the case, why Hitler is considered worst killer in our modern history.  Pakistan which has propagated an idea of creating a country based on religious grounds, proven failed in respecting their own religion. They are doing all possible things to keep Baluchistan under their control forcefully, which was a free country before they forcefully annexed it. Bangladesh has gone through a huge blood shade to get its freedom from Pakistan. Human rights violations and holocaust during Bangladesh liberation war is considered as worst after the world war II. Pakistan army has raped Bengali women, used men as slaves, and used it as a colony till it was liberated. We were not in good shape still we helped Bangladesh in their liberation, when killing of human being crossed all the limits. This historical fact, contradicts on the fact that Pakistan is going to do any good to nation just because it belongs to its national religion If religion is something which decides the alignment of the nation then they need to know what is happening in POK and what happened in Bangladesh a few decades ago.
We are getting IAS officers, doctors, software engineers, writers from the valley, so it is clear that there is no shortage of talent in the valley. They need to be taught real history of Kashmir and its forgotten principle of brotherhood even for minorities. They can be trained get involved in constructive world rather involving and pushing them towards the dark of terrorism which was the soul objective of Separatists and Pakistan. The sad truth is that separatist never get involved their children in any procession rather they made their children’s life established far from the ground of Jammu and Kashmir.
Kashmiri masses need to evaluate what Indian government is giving them and what POK is getting. We still respect and strictly follow article 370, and we were never willing to take the land of other nations. (Example – Bangladesh, which we could capture and keep under our control after 71 war), but what is India’s due to India might and sacrifice India will never give it back just because of terror. India has some of the bitter experiences in Punjab and Kargil but India won due to the support of good beings and its efficient Army.
Some of the journalists, separatist, left sponsored university goons are presenting only one idea to resolve the conflict and support the story for Kashmir liberation. This is not a battle ground for a newbie leftist wannabe leader, nor a great place to earn money by selling a hot story in prime time. This is a serious issue where we need to think and evaluate the situation of Kashmir by asking some of the simple questions to ourselves and debating it with those who are trying to destroy the valley and creating issues to the integrity of our nation. Decades of brainwashing, terror attacks, Kashmiri pundits’ holocaust, destroying the life of innocents Kashmiri youths and our soldiers have devastated this heaven on earth. Local youth in the valley are being brainwashed to join militant groups and kill minorities based on some false propaganda and hypothetical historical events. I am really not sure whenever so-called educated souls talk about Kashmir issue why they never present the complete picture of Kashmir’s history. This is my stern believe that we can bring change in the once we start educating them about the true history of Kashmir and results of religious fundamentalism. Simple questions are never put forwarded by these so called savior of humanity: “What it takes to fire a bullet on a human being. What it takes for a soldier to get smashed by a stone when he has a fully loaded automatic machine gun. What it takes to a mother to lose a child which is caught up in bullet exchange. What it takes to a 12-year child to pick up gun became a jihadi, where he is not even mature enough to understand history, his present or his future”.
Rather than lobbying for separate Kashmir why we cannot lobby for creating a peaceful Kashmir only thing what is needed we need to get rid of false propaganda from radical elements. Militants cannot run any nation, we need peace in the valley not the Taliban government, which suffocates even its flowers. This is not a simple task to root out all the cultivated hatred in the veins of young Kashmiri youth but it’s doable to educate both sides of stories and try to create a peaceful atmosphere in the valley. Hatred has not resolved the issue since independence, what is harm in trying a peaceful way instill peace in the valley, welcoming Kashmiri pundits, praying together, kicking terrorist out of the valley.  We need to start demanding peaceful resolution to anyone lobbying for liberation or hateful ways. A procession can happen again in JNU with statements like “Let’s Bring Peaceful and united Kashmir; Kick Terrorists send them hell! Bring Back Pundits -mujahideen Go Back; Kisi ke Tukde nai honge hazar, POK bhi hoga apna yar”
Once pace is installed, we are sure everyone will be happy, ASFA will not be there, people will be safe, new generation will be educated, companies will be there in Kashmir when 370 will be removed and valley will be peaceful, which will enhance the young generation to live a peaceful and meaningful beautiful life. Rather dreaming for an uncertain virtual imagination, they could live a heaven in earth. I am positive that we will not be caught in trap of selfish beings and where will be series of forthcoming movies depicting beauty of our beloved Kashmir romances on the Dal lake, skiing on its snow and smell of its roses. I am all set for forthcoming movie “Kashmir Ki Kali – 2” 🙂

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