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People love to comment without knowing the strategy of PM Modi.

PM Modi took a new strategic policy in recent past and also he mentioned the same on 70th Independence Day speech. He clearly mentioned the Baluchistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. It’s a clear shift of Pakistan policy of Indian Government. But as we experienced in past and happening the same this time also, intellectuals started commenting on that without knowing the bird’s eye view of the new strategy of the government and same old comment “Modi spending taxpayers money on his foreign tour”, it is like they are giving it from their own pocket. So before commenting people should know few points which they mostly ignore before commenting on any issues.
Interestingly now we are begging for technologies which indicate our reliance on foreign funding which needs to be reduced and I do not have any hesitation to assert that.
Most of the educated souls of our nation are being unemployed because most of us are busy in producing babies or just opposing any activity related to development. Foreign funding is required for accelerating the sustainable development process in economy. This is how present Global economy work in this cut-throat age of competition and rapid globalization, else we would have been doomed in 1991 itself. The entire world has become Global Village.
An Indian PM being representative of the nation visits other countries for the purpose of strengthening foreign policy and diplomatic ties or building diplomatic or strategic relationship. Every state needs to bear these expenses without any hesitation. He is neither celebrating his birthday in Bahamas nor enjoying summer vacation. This is what even business consultants of private companies do. They go for foreign tour for business purposes and companies are bound to bear the expenses for this. (Just to co-relate). He does not owe any bungalow or any of his close relatives are some rock-star or something they are living a plain vanilla life which can be compared to the bed full of roses. This great man doesn’t want us to leave subsidy but any person who is not selfish should refrain from enjoying the benefits of all the subsidies, quota and all the stuffs irrespective of any party with political tag. Even a beggar gives half of his bread to needy people. He has only requested people belonging to different strata of society to keep India clean, which is not a new concept to us and it should not be taught by any PM as it requires basic civic sense to understand.
However, our disinclination has gone to such a level, that the Government has to step up efforts for initiating the process of spreading awareness about cleaning India. It’s shame for our society. Name one party which doesn’t exploit religions sentiments for political gains thereby creating divisions in the different layers of society in the name of caste, creed, religion and attentions are being diverted from serious issues which are of vital importance and which should be given top most priority. Some play with Majority cards, some play with Minority card. All the world is stage and we are all merely players. It’s India Dude.
When someone have the right to enjoy the right to abuse, then they should have had a sense of appreciation too which plays major role in elevating, enriching and expanding the human spirit. Simple logic without exaggeration.

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