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NSA level talk off in between India and Pakistan: A simple analysis on it.

Today, the NSA level talk in-between India and Pakistan was called off by Pakistan’s NSA after Indian Foreign Ministry reminded the Simla Agreement and Ufa agreement in between the two elected Prime Ministers of respected countries.
There are lots of debate and analysis going on all over Indian and Pakistan media, even the social media like Facebook and Twitter were flooded by the comments from people of both the countries. Claiming and mentioning that it is their win at the end. So, if we perform a political and diplomatic analysis on this issue we need to take the step by step analysis who actually got the upper hand on the counterpart.
1. Last year Indians called off the meeting:
After calling off the meeting on the foreign Secretary level in between India and Pakistan, Pakistan tried to push the matter in the International level with the best possible way to show that they are interested in talks and exchanging dialog process with India but it is India and its policies for which India are not willing to take of the peace process.
Though the propaganda was an unsuccessful one but at a certain stage it created an invisible pressure on India which though Indian Government may try to neglect, but that was a true fact.

After one-year, Indian government tried to get it back in the dialog process to systematically reduce the pressure on it and the outcome is the Ufa agreement.

2. Ufa agreement and Indian stand:
In Ufa meeting both the prime minister met and agreed to start the discussion. They agreed to start the dialog with the NSA level so the other regular dialogs could start slowly.
In the Ufa agreement, both governments agreed to start talking but the NSA level talk will only be on terrorism and after the meeting other meetings may take place one by one.
It was clear that the NSA level meeting will only be on Terrorism and agreed by both parties.

Pakistan always want to keep the “K” word in almost every dialog as that is their core agenda because without the “K” word Pakistan has no value, but Ufa agreement was a disappointing one for Pakistan as they lost their core ground. Where Indian diplomacy technically got the upper hand over Pakistan’s diplomacy. Maybe Pakistan and their diplomats realized that after they get back home.

3. Pakistan’s Counter Diplomacy over NSA meeting:
Once they realized that they lost the ground to Indian diplomacy they tried to play the mind game again and after accepting the invitation of Indian counterpart, Pakistan’s High Commissioner called the Hurriyat, which has no public mandate in Kashmir nor an elected group.

By calling them, Pakistan tried to show that they are the ultimate boss in this diplomatic mind game. Where the Hurriyat acts as the puppet of the master’s in the hand of Pakistan’s high commissioner, which whether they ever realized or not, only they know.

This time India played several counter diplomatic mind games with Pakistan’s counterpart. Initially, they released all the separatists’ leaders from their house arrest condition. That news spread like fire in media and people were shocked and questioned whether the Indian government was unable to control the people of their own territory, why they were allowing such people to move when such an important meeting is going to happen in a very short period of time.

But the Hurriyat leaders were detained when they reached Delhi.
Pakistan’s plan was wasted when they learned that their plan to meet with Hurriyat will not be possible.

4. India’s Diplomatic Master stroke:
At the final stage, Indian Foreign Minister reminded the Pakistan’s counterpart about the Simla agreement where Pakistan’s prime minister agreed and signed that there will not be any third party involved in future discussions between India and Pakistan.

And they also reminded that the Pakistan’s counterpart that agreement of Ufa summit in between the two Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan, where they agreed that the NSA meeting will be only on terrorism.

Pakistan realized their diplomatic mind game will not be a successful this time. And to save their face later in the evening they called the NSA meeting off.
They saved themselves from being humiliated by the Indian NSA’s dossier, where they may produce the terrorist’s confession and the GPS documents, which will directly show that the recent terrorists arrived from Pakistan and that is shown by the latest technology.

The outcome:
As India reminded the agreement signed by Pakistan previously, Pakistan diplomatic mind game failed drastically to the Indian counterpart. And as they called the meeting off so the invisible pressure of the international level will be on Pakistan and Pakistan will not have the ground which they tried to gain last year, when Indian Government called off the dialog and meeting of the Sectary level in between the two countries.

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