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Why left ideology declining in India but Kerala still following?

Because it is socially disruptive left ideology declining in India but Kerala still following it.

Before I begin, if you are staunch follower of Political left ideology, I want to apprise you the following facts may offend if not dilute your faith in the ideology. Read only if you are open to a critical review.

I would not delve too much into history but would talk more from contemporary prospective. Left politics in India is a bit different than what we seen in other countries. I will touch upon a bit on its metamorphosis over the years. There was a time when left had a strong hold in several states of India, Today it’s reduced to only two states. I will give you reason why left ideology is failing. But before I begin I also want to make it clear that left of likes of Bhagat singh is different from the one covered in this answer. We will discuss the differences some other day.


Most of the issues which traditional left used to fight for, like issues related to peasants, Factory workers , and Tribals have actually been imbibed by all the political parties including the Right wing. If you haven’t read much about History, the Peasants movement of the 1920s laid the foundation of communist (Left) ideology in India. Which they later expanded to rights of factory workers.

Now over the past many decades they have run out of issues to sustain their organization. They had to do something to survive. But What?


Now Left bosses who generally come from elite back ground seeks to use social vulnerabilities as a political tool. Instead of acting as a bridge between society, they strike a wedge between sections of society by creating this Black vs white, Rich vs poor, Brahmins vs Dalit, Muslims vs Brahmins narrative for their political existence. They keep on promoting that the narrative that section X is being oppressed by section Y. And keep on peddling hate against section Y.

They propagate so much hate, that many followers lose any sense of social, moral and professional responsibility. The recent case, where Gauri Lankesh was being passed off as some epitome of honesty and journalism. Her social media activity had imprints of extreme left ideology resulting in a behavior that bordered that of a psychopath. And you can’t deny that such behavior doesn’t exist on the right. But the left leaning does it with impunity at respectable positions and get away with it again and again.

Then there is this JNU professor, Nivedita Menon, justifying secessionist movement not just in Kashmir but the entire north east[1]. Is the Govt of India paying her salary to led campaigns to justify division of India? We have Arundhati Roy who brazenly propagates the narrative that India is at war with Kashmir and North eastern state and disparages the army[2]. And she is treated as great writers by Indians. Irony is a writer like Salman Rushdie who was made to run out of his India has high praises for India. You can watch his opinion here on Youtube. Rushdie for that matter has a booker of booker to his credit, and written so many books unlike Arundhati who has only one book till recently which only controversially[3] won the Booker. Her hate for India perhaps incapacitated her ability to write another.

It’s apparent the current left ideology has been reduced to nothing but a political ideology where elites take advantage of social vulnerabilities to create hate and division in a society to further their political future in the country.

Why these people get away again and again? Some say they have a tacit support from a section of media which is generally left leaning. Some of the editors of top newspapers and media houses are ex-workers of communist parties if you know.


More and more youth are getting abreast with things that were either not taught or obfuscated in text books. How in order to lift the ban on itself, communist party supported British during the independence struggle. How they supported china during India’s war with them in 1962. This report was Published in Indian express[4].

In 1962, as the Indian army fought Chinese aggression in the Himalayas, the undivided CPI supported China, putting ideology above nation. The government threw several communist leaders in prison. VS, then 39 and a central committee member, was put in Thiruvananthapuram central jail.

A stalwart communist leader was demoted for urging people to donate blood to Indian Army during the 1962 war with China[5].

To blunt the campaign accusing the comrades of being Chinese agents, VS mooted the idea — in a routine weekly party meeting in jail — of donating blood for the jawans, and contributing money from the sale of prison rations saved by inmates to the defence kitty of the government.

In October 1965, after being released from jail, a party worker filed a formal complaint with the leadership about Achuthanandan’s anti-party activities. A probe panel was formed, which found Achuthanandan guilty. In December that year, the Kerala committee ratified the findings of the panel: that Achuthanandan’s approach was anti-communist, and he should be demoted from the central committee to the branch level.

The upshot is that according to communist supporting Indian Army is constitutes an “anti party” activity, something contrary to their ideology. And this is evident even today.

Kerala CM insults slain Major’s dad – Times of India

Rape is used as a weapon by Indian Army – Arundhati Roy

Even the student wing of the communist party is seen mocking Indian army.

Some Indian Army men rape women in Kashmir, says Kanhaiya Kumar


The modern educated youth seeks to see India as a super power and Army has a major role to play in its aspirations. Some of them draw parallel between communist ideology and HIV, both of which seeks to weaken our defenses for a take over.

Looking at their behavior in 1962, it’s only a reader’s guess, if Communist were at center, how India would have handled Dokhlam? Could Sikkim have ever become a part of India? How would India have responded to China’s claim on Arunchal?

The thought of such questions could perturb any right thinking Indian.

If an Indian have to choose an India jostling with internal strife or an India working to be a world power by taking all sections on the same wavelength , obviously it is going to be later. How Kolkata fell so far behind Mumbai and Delhi, is an open secret.

And Kerala is not a bastion of leftist, it’s just that they don’t have an alternative and they keep on juggling between the two options they have. Every election is a Hobson’s choice.

Indian youth is clear that Politicians have to work to get votes and not get votes using social and economic divisions. Both extreme left and right have to keep this in mind.


[1] JNU professor says Indian occupied illegally Kashmir, video goes Viral


[3] The scene is set for the Booker battle

[4] During China war, comrades cracked down on VS for saying let’s give blood to jawans

[5] During China war, comrades cracked down on VS for saying let’s give blood to jawans

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