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Kerala State and its challenge with Radicalization

Kerala State and its challenge with Radicalization

In recent Past Indian state has been the victim of various terrorist attacks. The Indian state has been warned by many intelligence agencies about the terror activities and funding which is facilitated by state people itself. The problem which has ignored by the elite and ruling government of India from 1980’s. In this article, I would like to focus on Indian state Kerala which has become the new epicenter of radicalization of youth in south India.

Raise of South Indian Muslim Jihad in Kerala.

Abdul Nazer Mahdani [1]

Madani is a political activist and chairmen of PDP (Peoples Democratic party) which aligned itself to Islamist-Dalit collation against Oppressor (In shallow meaning Oppressor here indicate as “Upper-Class Brahmins and Hindus”). Madani had been good orator in past and gained quickly Muslims following in area in his early years. However, he had launched a political party which later aligned itself with Communist Party of India (Marxist) known as CPI (M) in the state for forming govt. Now, Abdul Nazer Mahdani has been attacked previously and lost his right leg. He alleged RSS (Rashtriya swayamsevak Sangh- a Social Hindu Organisation) for attacks.  In past Mahdani has been accused of involvement in terrorist activities like  1998 Coimbatore bombings and 2008 Bangalore serial blasts.

During one of his speech in Chengara Adivasi protest in May 2008, he said

I am a committed Muslim and every Muslim has the obligation to support the poor, Adivasis and Dalits…It is my duty to stand by you to fight for your rights..If needed, to be a martyr dying for this cause..

The Most important part of the speech is that Mahdani has a passive feeling for even holding arms and being martyr for a cause. In Land of Gandhi,  Non Violence is part of Hinduism core and culture. Non Violence had been proven the effective weapon against the oppressor. Madani believes in Arms and Violence give suspicious his understanding towards peaceful protest for Social Equality.

However, When Madhani was alleged for Bangalore serial blast in 2008. Many Muslims organization has protested against Court and Indian Judiciary on 25 Aug 2010. It clearly indicates his popularity amongst South Indian Muslims Groups.

The Kerala assembly on March 16, 2006, passed a unanimous resolution seeking the release of Abdul Nasser Mahdani, on humanitarian grounds against verdict of 1998 Coimbatore bombings.

Madhani has been named the first accused in the case relating to the alleged attempt in 1998 to murder RSS ideologue P Parameswaran and Father KK Alavi, a convert into Christianity from Islam.

CPI (M) attempt to aligned themselves with Islamic Sharia and radicalization in the State of Kerala

Sharia Banking System [1]

Recently, the state of Kerala has created first Islamic bank in disguise of corporative bank laws. The bank “Halal Fayidah” is subjected to attract the devout Muslims for Sharia-based banking system with the support of ruling state govt who claim that their political ideology is atheist i.e. CPI(M). It seems like the political attempt to happy devote Muslims and prototype of sharia banking in the secular state. This Bank has been open even after warning from RBI that existing laws of Indian financial system do not allow such banking. However, State govt seems high on minorities’ appeasement rather than following Indian state laws. The bank also has the support of 21 CPI(M)-backed minority organizations, who will buy shares and help spread the word about the initiative.

Raise of Orthodox Islam in Malappuram under CPI (M) nose [2]

Malappuram district in Kerala has reached the Muslim population at 70.24 %, Hindus 27.60%, and Christian 1.60%. With the rise of the Muslim population, it has seen the change of social culture of the district which was never part of this land.

In recent, Malappuram district has shown distaste for vaccination drive run by Centre govt. [3] Abdul Khadar a priest in the local village of vettom, lost his eight years son because he blindly believes that “Allah will take care of everything”. It has been preached publically, that excessive vaccination can harm the fertility of kids when they grow up.

 “Like how purdah (veil) became common, some of the mahal (mosque) committees tell us regularly that these injections/oral drops are anti-Islam,” said another father whose son is afflicted with yellow fever.

In this state, people alleged that two Sunni leaders have been promoting the hard-core version of Sunni Islam – Jamaat-e-Islami and a Sunny sect of Kanthapuram Abubaker Musaiar, an orthodox leader.

Image Credit Pixabey.com

Raise of Radicalisation in Kerala [4]

In recent years, almost 21 youths have moved to ISIS for Joining the caliphate as promised by the radical version of Islam. Youth’s from Kerala’s northernmost district has been motivated by radical Islam which is transported by Wahabi ideology as alleged by Ashraf Kadakkal (Islamic Scholar). However, in long-term of radicalization process, it seems that it’s just pretext to saving Muslim community from getting tainted. Many Muslim scholars alleged the third party (Saudi Sunni hard-core preaching and online websites) while they themselves been silent for years and never attempt the deconstruction of Wahhabi ideology. None of them ever denounced the radical Islamic terms like Jihad (Holy war) and Kaffir (Non-Muslims) in public. CPI(M) seems to be lazy to tracking down such radicalization while their activism is approachable in case of RSS goonies’. Now, Question is that why CPI (M) being so neutral in case of Islamic radicalization? Are they afraid of Muslim wrath or PDP alliance which supports Muslims hard-core values? It is Seems plausible for being in power.

Ideological funding in the state of Kerala

Intelligence agencies have been accusing few NGO and Groups in Kerala for radicalization and tracing their money trail. In recent years, it has been established fact that few NGO and Muslims groups are working as intellectual ideologue institute for hardcore terrorist ideology against the interest of the nation. A money trail of Rs. 7 Crore has been chased by NIA (National Investigation agency) in recent years which is alleged PFI (Popular Front India) for harboring the anti-India sentiment.

Back in 2016 there was this report of members of an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria module being arrested in Kerala. They were planning to execute high court judges in the states and senior RSS leaders. Just a day later, the National Investigating Agency foiled another plan by the Islamic State-inspired module that intended to carry out a mass execution in Kochi. The main target was an all religion gathering in the city. The chief of the terror group is Manseed alias Omar-al-Hindi who had worked for 12 years as part of the intelligence wing of Popular Front India (PFI) was behind this. He was sent out of the PFI and then he married and went to Qatar, started working there and then resumed his anti-national activities.(Asia net)[5]

On Aug 17, 2016 “India Today” has published the Big story [6] of radicalization process inside the deep ghetto of Kerala Mallapuram district with the help of many shallow NGO’s who funded these terror sleeper cells. The story says that Nimisha (21 Years Hindu girl which converted to Islam) has joined ISIS in Afghanistan and this kind of case is not an anomaly but state ignored planned which is executed by the narrow-minded organization. The story says that rate of Hindu conversion in the state has been raised from 867 people per years in 2011 to 1149 person per years in 2015. 76% women’s under age of 35 is being converted per years which are alarming. The story talked about a Islamic group “The Sathyasarani Trust “ who alleged for conversion of 21- years old Aparna Vijayan but later in court, she accepts that the conversion was her own will. However, Police says:-

“Conversions are engineered by a group, which is part of a global network. We suspect the group is working with a hidden agenda-evangelizing non-Muslims and radicalizing them,”[6]

Police also said:

The police say most missing cases investigations end up at these religious centers. “When we raid the centers, they produce the girl before the court and make a public statement that she wilfully converted. If there is no crime, the police have no role,” a senior police official points out. [6]

Although organization denied that charge that they have any attachment to the radical group but the clinical search of Kerala police always indicated that these organization is lying and protected by Political class for Minority vote bank.

Another case came into the light when Yasmin (a peace international foundation student) tried to fly Kabul for Joining Islamic state. The trail of Investigation agency ended up to Abdul Rashid who was working for three centers of Peace international foundation. When police tried approached Managing Trustee. He simply said he was not aware of the radicalization of Abdul Rashid.

“I’ve taken a consistent stand against the radicalization of Islam. Abdul Rashid was a master trainer of teachers in our organization, but we had no idea about his IS links,”

It is again seen as the shallow attempt to save Muslim community and reputation of Institution. The problem is that state government let it be Communist and Congress been neutral towards such radicalization. Even many time state govt gives hurdle to National Investigation agency during their trail. [7] But they also took U-turn when matter been forced by Supreme court of India.[8]


Kerala State has the history of multicultural harmony. It has been in harmony in years but now it seems that this harmony is under attack by the upsurge of Islamic radicalization and funding from the Gulf States. The Govt of Kerala seems to be ostriches in this case and wanted to pursue the bandwagon of Minority appeasement in the cost of disruption of law and order. In Long-term, Kerala Malappuram district has seen the change in Social ethnic culture from Hindus to Muslim. Saudi funded 43 Mosque who alleged to preach Wahabi ideology is running under the nose of state. In one of the report 1700 Cr Rs been invested in India [9].

It looks like the state of Kerala is under slow but consistent radicalization ignored by state govt.


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