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JNU Controversy- Insight Analysis with Different perspective

JNU controversy has been stirring the country for a couple of week as a result of which the traces of polarisation have been evident among the intelligentsias, academicians etc. More accurately, JNU controversy is the product of a certain section of left-leaning intelligentsias-Maoists nexus. Some people see this as a threat to the concept of free thinking society and undue and unjustified interference from the end of the Government. They are limited in numbers compared to the majority of the mammoth size population, like a salt in a plate of rice. On the other hand, majority people are seeing this as a threat to the national security of India and asking for Government interference so that it can be dealt with iron hands before it reaches to alarming level. So, from this point of view, this is watershed moment for India and people of India have to choose which side they are on-either Nationalist Bloc or Anti-Nationalist Bloc. Majority of people are blaming the left-leaning students of JNU who were sloganeering on the 9th February which was seditious in nature. They have raised their voices against India, so put them behind bar. As simple as water without exaggeration. It is generalization of the whole story. Driven by this generalization of thought, they are openly propagating the idea of beating up the culprits or killing them without showing any mercy which has led to the incident of beating up Kanhaiya Kumar inside the premise of Patiala House Court by some lawyers. Let’s shift focus from this generalization for a moment and make this discussion more interesting with the touch of insight analysis by introducing some theories.

•Theory of Jealousy of the Oppositions: During the rule of Government led by Narendra Modi, India has witnessed numbers of remarkable achievements in the field of science, entrepreneurship, education, industrial development and investment opportunities and also banking, service, information technology sectors have been witnessing slow but reasonable rate of growth during NDA Government’s rule. But there are some opportunistic people who being deprived from the benefits of this rule, are trying their level best in sabotaging this Government and have been creating impediments in Government’s way so that they can prevent Government from generating benefits for the people. Though Modi Government has not been successful in creating the classes of happy peasants, otherwise the rate of committing suicides has not been increased in that extent. But it has been successful in attracting investments from all over the globe through the successful promotion of Make In India. If Modi Government becomes successful in keeping up the good work, the interests of the other political parties will be harmed and they will lose credibility to the people as a result of which they will lose more seats in the next election compared to the previous elections. So they are trying their best in instigating a certain section of students of JNU against the Government in the name of protecting Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech is the part and parcel of Democracy, but if speech becomes seditious in nature, no right can be given to be exercised. Even the constitution has advised us to perform fundamental duties in order to enjoy fundamental rights. Sloganeering against the integrity of India and glorifying the Mujaheedeens responsible for the attack in Parliament in the name of freedom of speech cannot be supported.

•Theory of Conspiracy of the enemy Foreign powers: During Modi’s rule India has also been emerged as the most powerful nation in terms of military in the Asia and has already started to pose threat to the monopolistic interests of China in the South China Sea. For example, India has credited billions of dollars to Mongolia for the purpose of having access to the South China Sea. Some days ago Sweden’s Prime Minister visited India and stated that international powers shifted their focus from China to India. Navy has become much more developed and has started to attract attentions of the global powers which were evident in the last International Fleet Exercise held at Vishakhapatnam. Not only that, Since Ajit Doval has taken up the responsibility as the National Security Advisor, a lot of changes are brought about in the attitude of Government in dealing with terrorists organisations. Though ISIS is being seen as threat to the national security, but India has got what it takes to deal with such menace. This is not liked by two kinds of countries- those countries who are jealous of the development of India such as Pakistan and China and those who are seeing the interference of India in their internal affairs as Dada Giri and do not like the Big Brother type attitude of India. They would definitely like to see India going down. So, China and Pakistan are doing best in creating problems inside the Indian Territory and instigating a certain section of people against Government which ultimately would lead to the successful destabilisation of the country. They are helping the extreme left-leaning people and their sympathisers in every possible way. It is a part of the Big Conspiracy against India backed up by Pakistan and China.

•Theory of Manipulation of the students: It is known fact that students can easily be manipulated by political parties and be used as the pawn in the hand of political parties. Once their purposes are served, Politicians do not look back. So the victims are a certain section of students who blindly follow political ideologies instead of concentrating on their studies and career planning. ABVP, the student branch of ruling party is not exception to that. A certain section of students being blinded by back dated ideology and ideologues, started sloganeering against Government which was seditious in nature, without realising the fact that they will have to face consequences for that and will end up being charged for treason. Had the sloganeering been limited to vilifying Government for not taking care of the interests of the subalterns in Maharashtra, Rajasthan or Punjab, or inability of Government in dealing drug menace in Punjab or condemning caste system around India, it would have been justified. But raising slogans like “Bharat Tere Tukre Honge” “Kashmir Mange Azadi” “Gilani-Afzal Mange Azadi” etc. cannot be championed as they are seditious in nature. And unfortunately, these slogans are given by a certain section of so-called left leaning students backed by left leaders as well as other non-left leaders who are in opposition. Instead of showing students the right way, these leaders are playing with fire by supporting the view that propagates the idea of releasing students charged with treason in the name of protecting the freedom of speech and human rights. A certain section of intelligentsias, academicians , actors, writers, professors, human rights activists etc. all of them turned blind eye to the real fact as if their conscience and general power of reasoning have gone to bed for sleeping.

•Internal Sabotage theory: There are some people inside the Government or Ruling party who are not happy as they might be deprived of the benefits or were expecting to generate more benefits which unfortunately has not been fulfilled. Being dissatisfied with the Government, they may be trying to sabotage the Government in every possible way so that Government does not become successful in achieving their ends. It can be considered as Internal Sabotage.

After the detailed discussion on theories with insight analysis, one cannot turn blind eye to the fact that when it comes to national security, it should be placed above anything else. Government must do everything possible way in dealing this problem before it reaches to alarming level. Otherwise the day is not far, when India will become safe havens for anti-nationals and everyone will take India’s patience as taken for granted.

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