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Importance of Educated Voting v/s Freebies in the Democracy.

Constructive criticism is always good for democracy. But now a day’s politics is kissing the dust by playing destructive/ divide and rule games. Indians are divided into religion. Religion is further divided into castes and sub-castes. 2014 was a historic win for democracy which changed many definition and rules of winning the election. It gave a great, visionary and workaholic Prime Minister who always has to play politics during election time, but rest of the tenure he has spent serving the great motherland.
Electricity reached first time to the remote areas of the country after 69 years of independence. 20 Satellites launch in one go was made possible. Troubled and forgotten people were airlifted from the troublesome area of Yemen. Hindu temple was permitted to be built in the Saudi Arabia. The launch of Mangalyaan was cheaper than a Hollywood movie. Indian Army getting bullet proof jackets and the paramilitary forces for the first time set are to be equipped with high-tech, bulletproof, combat helmets. The new helmets will be able to withstand 7.62 mm and 9 mm bullets, even when fired from a distance of just 20 meters. Army is getting bullet proof Mahindra Scorpios. Governor of Puducherry gave a gift of Rajnikant’s movie to the people who built toilets in their home. I appreciate this step which motivates the rural people in contributing to the good work of better and healthier nation building. Indian railways challenging their old rules set by previous masters and touching new skies on a regular basis. Better and faster roadways started shaping the future of the nation. Ambitious plans of POD taxi and Bullet train started defining a new way of commuting in the so called, third world nation. Kashmiri stone pelters (Pakistani’s third party contractor) started getting befitting replies. For the first time, Indian media is not discussing corruption and scams, but they are discussing price the of clothes that our PM wears, money invested in foreign travels but money coming through FDI is never discussed. Transfers of govt. employees are discussed but corruptions and scams are talks of history now. Yes corruption do finds space in our headlines and news hour debate but all are painful rashes of previous rulers.
Yes, we are developing, we are moving ahead, and we are progressing. No nation is the best, but we are lucky to have the best CEO, running our country in a non- corrupt way who puts his sleepless nights and extra hours of hard working days to clean the mess created by previous govt. and its allies ruled by the principle of Nepotism We have one more “The respected (by a special category of people) Mr. Yug Purush” in the town. Who attained the power by providing proofs against the 60-year-old ruling party. An idol of honesty, creator of Jan Lokpal bill and a promise of corruption-free Delhi, donating his half salary to the needy ones (but he increased his salary higher than the President of our country). Not taking govt. accommodation and security (he lives in a govt. bungalow with Z security) and many other unfulfilled promises.
His style of functioning is like a teenager seeing an expensive car or big house and wanting to get that, without putting any effort, instead he starts cursing him to have them. He never believes in capability but always believes that if he criticizes or pulls the other person down, he will be respected and considered as a better alternative. This IITian forgot the old English saying “If you want respect, learn to give respect first”. I will try to explain it in a better way. We all have gone to a college for our graduation, we might have seen the owner of the college coming in his expensive car, might have thought about the property and money he makes. Some of us (in fact many of us) might have been jealous of him as he has loads n loads of money, power, and respect. But does that jealousy worked for us? Did we open a school or college? Was our bank balance and the college owner’s bank balance were same just by being jealous? The answer is NO. To be like him, we have to work like him, and I don’t see Mr. Kejriwal (portfolio free minister) or any other leader who does vote bank politics works like the PM but they are always ahead in criticizing or getting jealous of his name and fame. In spite of given such a wonderful chance to serve the capital city, in the first year of his political career, he is just wasting this golden opportunity.
If you have good patience, please try to check any media statement given by Yug Purush’s party worker/ spokesperson, they have a common enemy. Mr. Modi. I sometimes gather my patience and see their old videos but at that time, their enemy was the then Delhi CM. so it’s a very simple formula that AAP is following. Target the person sitting in the power chair, build a negative atmosphere against it, play the religion and caste card and try to gather votes.
This Yug Purush is like a vulture who survives on dead bodies of Terrorist and political suicidal cases. Be it Ishrat Jahan, Akhlaq Ahmed, Afzal Guru, Rohit Vemula or Kanhaiya Kumar and other anti nationals. These creatures are those lechers who are breaded by Mr. Kejriwal and other so called secular leaders to get Political mileage even though at the cost of compromising our national security. Anti-corruption crusader hugging the person who did corruption in the name of cattle fodder too. Majority of his party’s MLA are under the lens of the law. His only target is to achieve the Power, but guys honestly speaking, ask yourself, does this irresponsible person even deserve to be a security guard of your house?
I think Kejriwal, Nitish Kumar, Mamta Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav, Mayawati and Italian madam are the 3rd party contractors of our neighboring country, and their only motive is to destabilize the democratically elected govt. and does not let it function in a constructive/ progressive way. Hunger for power has become more than patriotism in our country. Definition of secularism is changed with respect to vote bank politics. Life of a soldier is not important but a life of dalit/ minority is more important as it fetches vote. The election happens just once in 5 years. You select a PM once in a 5 year but why are parties so frustrated to attain the power before that. You work well and get rewarded, and not by playing this dirty vote bank politics.

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