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Has ISIS become threat to Al-Qaeda?

After the rise of ISIS, Al – Qaeda has become insignificant in the Indian Sub-continent. That’s why some of the diplomacy and intelligence specialists have been apprehending that ISIS may conduct another attack on Indian soil in a desperate attempt to maintain their legacy as international terrorist outfit. ISIS has been able to spread their influence into the 12 states of India till now. Lashkar –E-Taiba’s supreme leader Hafiz Said has become active again in order to take initiative to spread terrorism into the territory of India. Some days ago in an conference held in Islamabad, Pakistan, he condemned Indian government for its so-called “Aggressive Policy and intoleration towards Minorities” and also talked about counter-attacking theory against India. In short, India is going to face two world most dreaded terrorist outfit in future…….Al-Qaeda and ISIS. ISIS is eager to assert its presence and on the other hand, Al-Qaeda is desperately trying to survive in the competition.
ISIS’s ideology of establishing “Kingdom of Heaven” has influenced and inspired a lot of Indian youths and made them leave their own homeland. They have joined in the holy crusade in Syria for establishing of so-called of “Kingdom of Heaven”. Till now two dozen Indian youth have left India in order to join Syrian War and it has been apprehended that more people might be waiting in the queue to join ISIS’s holy war. In Kashmir, locals speak of their repression as part of a global campaign against Muslims and some of the youths have hoisted ISIS’s black flag in the Kashmir Valley. In this way, ISIS is going to assert their authority into the territory of Indian sub-continent.
On the other hand, Al-Qaeda is fighting for asserting their survival and maintaining their legacy in the world of Islamic Terrorism. Long before the rise of ISIS in the world of Islamic terrorism, Al-Qaeda controlled a many terrorist outfits that have been operating Terrorist networks in India for such a long period of time….Lashkar-E-Taiba, Jaesh-E-Mohammad, Indian Mujaheedeen etc. The list is never ending. But after the demise of Al-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda lacks financial support and also its manpower has been decreasing. All those people who have been loyal to Al-Qaeda for long time, have shifted their loyalty towards ISIS.
There are no animosity between the ideologies of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Once ISIS had been loyal to Al-Qaeda. But day by day ISIS was gaining strength and its leader Abu Bakr Al- Baghdadi started going against Al-Qaeda’s Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Al-Qaeda expected that Al-Baghdadi would be leaving the authority of Syria into the hands of Al-Nusra, one of the fractions of Al-Qaeda and would be putting its concentration on Iraq. On the contrary, Al- Baghdadi decided to take the responsibility of conducting Jihad in Syria itself and refused to make way for Al- Nusra in Syira. Al –Baghdadi declared himself as Caliph of the whole of the Muslim world and called upon them for global Jihad through various social networking sites and other internet sites too. Now -a- days , ISIS has become more active in social networking sites like facebook and twitter. They have appointed some of the recruiters who would be recruiting those people from India who has got hatred in their heart against the existing system of India or who can easily be manipulated or brainwashed. Some of the youths are taking interests in their ideology and even Indian medias are giving much importance to them.
In this situation, Al- Qaeda is trying to come closer to Taliban in order to strengthen its position in the world of terrorism and spreading its influence in Indian subcontinent. For this purpose, he is trying to bring different terrorist outfits under one umbrella such as Jayesh –E- Mohammad, Hijbul Mujaheedeen, Jamat-Ul- Mujaheedeen and others terrorist outfits in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Myanmar. In this way, he has created a new terrorist outfit——-Al Qaeda In Indian Subcontinent.
Now the question is what India is intended to do when it comes to threat to national security. ISIS is a worldwide menace. The South Block guys have preferred not to go for any diplomatic confrontation with Asad government in Syria. ISIS has already threatened to conduct another 26/11 in India, flags of ISIS having been hoisting into the Kashmir Valley, one of the UP Ministers indirectly shows its sympathy towards ISIS. These things have to be dealt in a proper manner. India is condemning the ISIS menace in such a way so that it does not look like that Indian government is dancing to the tunes of US-NATO. Two blocks have been created in the Syrian War……One, Russia and Iran are fighting against ISIS by joining hands with Bashar-Al-Asad’s government. Two, US – NATO is fighting against ISIS and simultaneously trying to destabilise Asad’s regime. They do not support Bashar-Al-Asad’s regime. Instead US hold Asad’s regime responsible for the current situation in Syria. India is taking neither way. The question might arise what India is gaining by following the policy of being silent in this matter? Is it the fact that India does not prefer attacking stance as we all know India’s track record in foreign soil is not good? For example, sending IPKF in Sri Lanka had proved to be total disaster and resulted in the killing of 1200 soldiers and assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Or is it fearing that going against ISIS might create resentment among Indian Muslims? Or South Block guys are looking forward to gaining something from Syrian war and closely observing the whole of the situation! Only the time will say everything.

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