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Gujarat Election Result 2017 Analysis

Gujarat Election Result 2017 Analysis says the results aren’t shocking at all.

The internal survey of BJP suggested that they will get seats around 107-110 and that’s what they got.

They were already nervous in the starting of the election and put their all efforts on the ground. From the ground workers to a planned long stay of PM Modi and his team of strategists. Though we all always knew he was introduced lately in the campaign. He should’ve been there earlier because he’s the SYMBOL OF GUJRATI PRIDE and he deserves that

His hard work and administration brought the map of state on the international economic map.

We all knew that Patels and Patidar community were going to play a very crucial role in state elections and if we analyze and observe, we can easily conclude that. They voted for Congress, that’s not an issue, that’s their choice because mostly are businessmen, small traders or big traders and poor implementation and rate slab of GST infuriated then and that’s justified because at the end of the day no one wants to compromise with their income and that’s justified. Moreover why should one?

There’s a bigger picture behind that.

We should be proud of Patel community specially those who didn’t come out and vote because they wanted to vote to Congress but at the end when PM entered and lead the campaign and exposed the dirty game which Hardik Patel and other self-acclaimed leaders were misleading him on the name of reservation which could not be given to them outside the pre-existing OBC quota because that’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL. They decided not to vote at least Congress and in some way boycotted the elections just because MODI is GUJRAT and GUJRATI PRIDE.
This Dent for BJP was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY so that they know that their ambitious GST was implemented poorly and tax slab was disturbing for small traders and that’s why at the end they needed to change and took some goods out of highest tax slab.
Disappointment among traders got nothing to do with DeMo but everything to do with GST and the complex structure it has.

Bigger aspect:

Average voting percentage was poor in fact worse than UP when compared. Hindus didn’t come out and Muslims were all there at voting booths plus the whole opposition was ganged up against just one person Modi. This election was never about Rupani or Anandi Ben or the party itself for that matter but it was all about Modi Ji and Shah Ji.
And anti-incumbency was the biggest factor which played the critical role. Even after anti-incumbency they are going to form the Government and at the end of the day it’s BJP which is going to rule the state for the next five years. Ruling a state for 22 years and again winning the elections with substantial margins speaks enough about what the people of state think about top leadership is Central Government.
Thanks to Mani Shankar who have an opportunity to PM Modi to connect that disgusting comment with Gujrati Asmita and People were convinced that Congress still thinks that they have the sense of entitlement and can’t be trusted. He convinced them that Congress Leaders in Delhi simply insulted Gujratis and then their dinner with Pak High commission. That was the final nail in the coffin.

Remember Goa, no one mentions what happened or what was the result. Everyone knows that it’s BJP which is ruling the State.


Now can you imagine what RG and Congress has lost?

They invested their money, outsourced the anti-Nationals, highly curated social media campaign and extreme showcase of Hinduism still not only did they lose Gujrat but also Himachal Pradesh where last time they had destroyed BJP and restricted them to just 11 which was pathetic.
Congress is OVER and again they are going to be questioned and this time they are going to be grilled and roasted.

Now the English speaking pseudo intellectuals who were continuously saying that RGV is changed and he is going to pose serious threat to BJP with his changed attitude and hard hitting questions. Remember he’s the one who ran away from press conference and caught on camera getting chits from Vaghela and Surjewala.

The show for congress is over and free advice to then is instead outsourcing the elections of Oxfordian’s , they should connect with local leaders who enjoy credibility among local people and have better connect with them.
Attacking Modi isn’t going to work and will never work.

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