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God Bless India

129 people killed in Paris attack and France retaliated by launching massive airstrike against those who were responsible for Paris Attack. 166 peoples died in Mumbai attack and moreover, 20 Indians are taken hostage by gunmen in Bamako’s (Mali) five star Radisson Blu Hotel. I hope that Indian government will rescue those Indian people taken hostage by terrorists and will give strong message to terrorists that it would be mistake on their part to take our tolerance as a sign of weakness. We should follow examples of Russia and France when it comes to dealing with terrorists. Else, it would be a never ending process. After every 5 years , we elect government by casting our vote in favor of those who in our opinion, can be best for delivering good governance. If our government does not provide minimum security to the lives of our people, then what’s the use of casting our vote for electing government? Our national security is at stake. When it comes to the question of national security, it can be expected by us ,as the responsible and dutiful citizen of India, that government will go to any extent for securing the lives of Indian. It can be understandable that our government is the largest democracy in the world, part of the Global Village and bound to follow some International rules and regulations and blah blah blah …….. Philosophy of secularism, democracy and tolerance have been followed by Indian civilization since time immemorial. But the truth is that national security should be placed above any of the political ideologies. Isn’t that true? Isn’t this time to strike back and give hard fight to terrorists? Otherwise that day is not far when India will become one of the most vulnerable countries to terrorism. Point to be noted, we are already dealing with the Maoists and separatists in different corners in India.If we do not deal with these things with iron hand, then people will lose faith on the government. Correct me if I am wrong.

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