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Enemy is Inside

What is the cause of all these mess in Europe? If you dig deep, you will find out that it’s not fact that their brothers have been killed in Middle Eastern countries and that has caused their resentment. It’s not about the religion too and has never been. So what’s this all about? It’s about their identity.Muslims in Western Society came as an immigrant and have been struggling to find their identity in the society. The western society has failed to integrate its Muslim immigrants. What the European Muslims lack is the role model for them. So, the vacuum has been created and terrorist outfits like Al- Qaeda and ISIS have quickly stepped in and started recruiting those people who has got great hatred against Government. These “so-called Messiahs of Muslims society” made them believe that they would never get honor in the devil western society,never get fair chance and never get what they deserve so there is only way….that is to join ISIS. If you take this way, you can make your own destiny and everyone will start being afraid of you. These elements in the Muslim society in Western World have been posing threat to them. So, the enemy is inside.

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