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In democracy, alliances converting committed to confused voters with 'no choice’!

It is a funny world we are living now where corruptions are identified but these always becomes part of our society particularly in the third world economy like India. Under this situation we can never expect a corruption-free nation rather we comprise and try to join hands with those who are comparatively less corrupted. We do not have option.
The voters have to cast their vote accordingly. There is no political stability in the state level which is evident from this fact that in 2013 BJP had retained MP, Chhattisgarh and replaced Cong in Rajasthan while in 2014 BJP had replaced Cong in Maharastra, Haryana, Andhra under the political partnership of TDP and Cong had retained Arunachal but had broken away faction forms govt. in 2016 with BJP support. 2016 is more confused year to the voters when Left-front made a so called alliance with their enemy Congress, to fight against TMC in assembly election but it did not work. While BJP made some impact in West Bengal and Kerala, still they did not seek to project a leader to the state who has the potentiality of playing the role of a chief administrative executive of the concerned state.
In Kerala, again BJP took more from Congress’s share, making several contests genuinely triangular. So instead of building ethical alliance and relationship, a new start-up need-based alliance is being grown without surveying the sentiments of voters which has resulted confusion in the minds of the committed voters because they have no choice to cast vote to that political party which they prefer.
The number of NOTA-given voters is more or less significant in assembly election of West Bengal, 2016. Assam as the country’s second largest Muslim population after Jammu and Kashmir .But BJP’s alliance with AGP and BPF led to the consolidation of Hindu and tribal votes and as a result BJP has been able to end Cong’s 15-year tea party.
Is it not amazing that at least 35 of Assam’s 126 assembly seats have more than 50% of Muslim voters! No it is possible today with the help of need-based alliance. It has become a trend that a national level party aims to get help from one or even more than one regional allies, despite of have differences in ideology and thought. Again voters have no choice.

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