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Delhi election result and the impact

With the result of Delhi a new debate started everywhere that whether the Modi magic was over or a new wave arrived in the name of Kejri. But surprisingly one thing was missing in every debate and that is the modern voters are more intelligent than the previous generations of voters.

From 1947 to 2014 Congress dominated Indian politics with 3 things. 1. The Gandhi brand, 2. The Sympathy amongst people about congress that, Congress is the party which brought the freedom for the nation. 3. Absence of proper and strong opponents, who can take the power of the nation instead of Congress.

Congress enjoyed the power and in some extent they misused the power and obsessed with overflow of power. In the initial days, the sympathy over Congress saved the party from defeat and that stuck Congress with the power for almost 6 decades post independent. We may say anything about congress, for the misuse of the power over 6 decades but in some extent they did some good work as well, in terms of education. Education spread and people realized that they were over powered by a single party which was enjoying the power like a kingdom’s rule. So automatically Congress was put off power and a fresh party was assigned to drive the nation to new heights with a good leader. People brought Modi ji and BJP in power to bring a less corrupted and a strong leader for the nation. It is almost 8 months that Modi ji and his BJP is in power and the changes are visibly remarkable. But the loss in Delhi assembly election resulted a trigger and a new debate started, has the people turned their face from Modi ji?

But in real it is not the fact. The fact is now people are educated and smart enough to deal with the situation and they know how to make the political parties work for the common people. Now people know if they want Modi ji to work more to change the nation they need to give a threat to Modi ji and Delhi result was the reflection of that.

Now the competition in India is which political party is more honest and more corruption less, the party which will be able to show and prove that they are less corrupted in comparison to other political parties, people will chose them.

In Delhi election the contest was neck to neck in the initial days but people chose the more corruption less party compared to others. While congress could not understand the mandate of people and still was stuck with their old formulas, hence, they are losing in every election.

The Delhi election verdict is a good sign for the modern India, now the competition should be who is less corrupted compare to other political parties and has the capability to lead the nation to make it a self-sufficient in self-defense and productivity and which can make the journey towards a super power nation.

First published on February 2015 after Delhi election result.

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