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Congress and it's Tripura politics and people.

The pawns of Tripura Congress are the sufferers and they sacrificed for the bigger political benefits and mileage of Congress Party. During 1991 P.V Narasimha Rao’s coalition government took the support of the left parties in the centre .In return, Congress gifted the State Tripura to the left was an open secret to all political pundits. After that incident INC central leadership never looks after the Tripura Congress for the broader perspective of central Government.
From the political view, it’s a smart politics and most of the people will support this power game as Tripura has never been a bigger stakeholder of the central politics with its 2 MP seats, so it’s always a smart move to sacrifice 2 seats to get support of left in the central against any kind of BJP threats.
But the real sufferer are those who are hardcore Congress men running behind the congress leaders’ cars and raising congress flag in the procession as the pawn of the political chess board.
When CPM came into power in Tripura in 1993 several ground level Congress pawns were killed and their houses were burnt down and the women’s were sexually abused , but none looked into that matter as those people were sacrificed for the bigger perspective of the country in central Government Congress in the helm of power with the Left front support from outside .Those ground pawns were sacrificed for the stability of the country’s political situation but no one remembers those people who lost and sacrificed their lives for the broader aspect of the country.
It’s almost 23 years of that incident and the central is still not aware of those people still INC central leadership is busy with UP ,Bihar,Karnataka,Gujrat because congress has the bigger stake on those state in comparison to just 2 MP seats of Tripura in the Loksabha and one seat in the Rajya Sabha.
If we look towards the other state of northern states we can easily find strong non-congress and non-BJP political parties for which those states are getting value and weight in central while in Tripura both the political parties are national parties and both the parties are lining on the same side in time of crisis and in requirement congress use to get the support from CPM and left .And on the other hand, CPM also gets support from Congress too. So the biggest question is who will look after the hardcore Congress people and who are hated and receiving the stepmother kind of treatment by the state government where CPM in power?
Who will support those ground level hardcore workers who worked for congress and suffering from the governing party CPM?
If we look at the southern states such as Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, we the Indians sometimes are surprised how the south Indian states are growing so well and the improvement of the states are growing year by year though the political people are corrupted as well , but on the same time, the states are also growing rapidly .I would say the people of the states are smarter than the rest of India .
Because they know if one single party rules the state more than 10 years they become the tyrant and egoistic and absolute power is the root of corruption. So they vote for a change at intervals. It is imperative that every political party pledges minimum commitments to the voters via rice at Rs 2/per kg for BPL,Rs 5/- per kg rice for APL and the like .The party while comes into power try to fulfil the commitments and thus, they thrive in the course of time regardless of change of political parties in change .So the states like Kerala ,Tamil Nadu ,Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh are on the way to progress.
The people of Tripura should learn from south Indian states .If the Left continues to be major power player, only left champions will generate all benefits according to leftist principle .So, there will be inequality and the gap between haves and have- not’s will be wider and wider .This inequality will turn into social clash which will ultimately developed into the insurgency.
In rural areas of Tripura, there is no road connectivity in 75% of villages .No irrigation in agricultural land .People remain the mercy of Rain God .Whatever crops produced the farmers cannot sale in good price .For the wrong policy of the Left front the artificial BPL ,Annapurna Antodaya and above all MREGA flooded the state with rice .The ration shops are now the busiest business centres of the Government .Rice are mobilised to the black market and the Government championed this to compel the agriculturist to become poor and to bring them under their flag this plan has been calculated way designed.
The jute cultivation which was a source of income of the agricultures has been abandoned abruptly only to stop production of jute products in the jute mill .The government has no vision on it .They have no ground reality, ideas and a promising industry is going ruin in this way .Crores of rupees are provided to bail out the sickness of the mill but the unproductive attitude of Government destined to finish the improvement of the said mill .Thus, the farmers of the state are in a death trap .They are in anguish .But congress leaders cannot reap the result .Rural based leaders should come forward to rescue the mass people from the tyranny rule of CPM.
But Congress leadership in Tripura fails to understand the ground reality and most of the time they are in bewildered situation as they are unable to understand the Mamata and Sonia Equation in central power and the master stroke of Manik fishing in troubled waters. Now in the new political equation  why Rahul playing with fire.
On the other hand, it is easily understandable if we look at the expenses of both the political parties during the elections. And the recent alliance in between Congress and CPM in West Bengal election cleared all the clouds from all kind of speculations.
So for the welfare of the state, the people of Tripura should think and come together to get an alternative to respecting those people who were sacrificed for the greater national interest in 1993 and 2004 onward

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