HomePoliticsCaption: Sarada failed, sting hurt, Mamata Didi emerge as the victorious Queen

Caption: Sarada failed, sting hurt, Mamata Didi emerge as the victorious Queen

The result came at last. TMC got the kingdom with a huge unexpected margin. This unexpected margin has become the reality today that corruption issue has no relevance to the election result. While Sarada had given hope to Left -Cong alliance perhaps sting operation had given them optimum confidence to win the battle against TMC, this result certainly is making them speechless. But ultimately this is a reality show where we can predict the results.
The most important thing is the political perception. The farsighted Mamata Banerjee was able to reach directly to almost 70% rural people of West Bengal through e governance. She had implemented electronic clearing system for transferring the money. Tangibility of government services is the most important to the rural voters. Direct distribution of essential commodities like rice at a much below moderate price of INR. 2 per kg. , bicycles and shoes to the students of rural areas have clearly shown that Mamata Banerjee has become successful to build a trust in the mind of young rural generations.
She tried a make privileged class by helping farmers by implementing small saving schemes, introducing Kisan Mandies for reducing the intermediaries between farmers and consumers. The irrigation department was looking tangible while basic infrastructural facilities, beautification, and plantation everything was remarkable. In reality, many people were still deprived of getting the temporary jobs of 100 days, land patta or BPL card. Also severe corruption was seen in these processes. No such big industry has come yet. Scam in SSC and TET examination is still not unforgettable. The memory of Khagragor incident is still fresh. Majority of young educated generation are totally against the TMC government who believe that there is no opportunity for them in this state due to lack of industry. Farmers are still not getting the right prices which has caused some sad suicidal death too.
All the above mentioned ‘against factors’
Were there to help oppositions but could do nothing. These have been overshadowed by the confidence of those potential voters where ‘ Kanyasree ‘ project certainly has added value. They know that they are not getting optimum but they believe that Mamata didi will do something for them. Mamata have become ‘Didi ‘ in real sense.
Another factor is the justification of these alliance. Still many people believe that this alliance may become temporary even
If they win the election. They could have believed that it is created only for so called ‘vote ‘ purpose. There was no other common agenda regarding emerging issues discussed above. 34 years ‘left-front’ rule is still making many voters uninterested about any step of CPIM. Some Congress workers also are against this alliance which may cause a big swing of votes towards TMC in 20 to 25 seats.

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