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Biggest Hypocrisy of Pakistan

To observe the Biggest Hypocrisy of Pakistan we need to start looking at Pakistan’s foreign Policy first with regard to two countries:


Guess this Country.

  1. This country ostensibly bans Burqas and Muslim Beards[1].
  2. This country bans Muslim from fasting during Ramadan.[2]
  3. This country Jails people for teaching Koran online.[3]
  4. Mosques are not allowed to broadcast Azan on Loudspeaker.[4]
  5. This country forces Muslim to install a snooping software on their Phones.[5]
  6. Even keeping Muslim name is not allowed in this country anymore[6].
  7. A Muslim can only dream to hold a top post in this country.

Status of Country 1 in Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: CLOSEST ALLY.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan considers this country as its closest ally. The generals of the Pakistan Army are seen circumabulating the Politicians of this country. It is the country to which Pakistan Army gifted “part” of their country Aksai Chin[7]. It is to this country that they have entrusted to build what its Army calls as a “Game Changing” Project, by effectively mortgaging the country[8]. It’s in the hands of this country that Pakistan have kept their future.

By now you must have guessed the first country I am taking about is : People’s Republic of CHINA.

Let’s take a Look at second country.


Now try guessing this one.

  1. This country houses all sects of Islam without exception under the umbrella of its constitution and isn’t biased in favor of anybody unlike in Pakistan where Punjabi Sunnis rules the roost.
  2. While percentage of Minorities in Pakistan (even in Bangladesh) is dwindling at a staggering pace, this country has allowed the population of Muslim to increase from 32 Million to 170 Million, a massive 430 percentage increase[9].
  3. The most revered scientist of this country who later became the Most revered President of this country is a Muslim[10] Unlike in Pakistan where a Physics Nobel Laureate (Abdus Salam) is declared a Non Muslim by law[11] and the word Muslim is removed from Grave[12]. Just because he was an Ahmadi. The Surname of scientist of the Country 2 has a rhyming name with surname of Mr Salam.
  4. The country has given Muslims the Top constitutional Posts, President, Vice-President, Chief Justice, Top Bureaucrat unlike in China or Pakistan where a Minority can only dream of such positions.
  5. This country-2 has given special concessions to minorities like Polygamy, Instant Divorce was allowed till now even when Pakistan had banned it decades ago. Even though the rituals may be morally wrong still the rituals were allowed to not hurt the sentiment of the minorities.
  6. This country spends Millions of Dollars in subsidizing Hajj of Muslims.
  7. This country has allowed one of the highest number of Mosques despite of the fact that it has a different dominant religion.

Status of Country 2 according to Pakistan’s Foreign PolicyENEMY

This country-2 has the second highest Muslim Population in the world and yet it is the enemy of Pakistan. Pakistan has made their a country a safe heaven of literally dozens of terrorist organization by projecting this country-2 as the enemy of Islam[13]. By now you would have guessed the country 2:

It’s The Democratic Republic of INDIA.

This is the biggest Hypocrisy of Pakistan. Claiming to be a Muslim Nation, and yet aligning ( Some may say it Groveling, though I won’t) with a country like China which practically dislike Islam as a state Policy and hating a country like India from which it was formed and borrowed its Cuisine and even its Language (Urdu) from.

The fact is Pakistan Army which claims to be flag-Bearer of Islam is kneeling before China for Money, like earlier it was allowing America to attack it’s countrymen with Drones in lieu of aids of Billions of Dollars[14]. Yesterday It was America, Today it is China, Tomorrow it may Russia or even Myanmar who knows. Money matters.

Any right thinking Muslim will find them Hypocrites.

And All Muslim countries know it may be. At least the stats in Muslim countries defy ummah (Islamic One Brotherhood) what Pakistan supposed to be part of.

Nearly 250,000 Pakistanis deported from 2012-2015: report


Did Pakistan ever care about its own Muslims?

1971 Bangladesh genocide – Wikipedia

Rape during the Bangladesh Liberation War – Wikipedia

It’s because of this reason that Bengalis decided to form a separate country in 1971.

Forget past, Does it even care about its own Muslims now? Has it learned it’s lesson?

Pakistan: Death toll from Shia town attacks climbs to 85, Sunni extremist group claims responsibility

Pain of Pakistan’s outcast Ahmadis

800 bodies found in Balochistan in past three years (DAWN, Pakistan’s biggest Paper)

That’s why I believe Pakistan was not formed for Saving Islam, it was formed to satisfy ego and greed of a few like Raheel Sharif, Nawaz Shareef and Parvez Musharraf. My Grandfather used to refer them as Landlords.


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