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This Woman named Madhu Shah Is Probably in Your Friend list On Facebook, doesn't she exist?

In last few days, there is a post which is creating a scary awareness among the social media users. The report was covered by almost every big and large media in India. The news got re-posted when a facebook user Pawan Manghnani discovered one suspicious account in facebook which was using the same name and same profile display picture but from different cities of India. According to Pawan’s post, he discovered almost 34 different facebook accounts and found more than 150 mutual friends in between.

Image Credit Facebook & https://www.facebook.com/PawanManghnani
Image Credit Facebook & https://www.facebook.com/PawanManghnani

Things are no doubt suspicious.  When few news media reported that the lady actually in question not even exists in real. But as the picture do not look like any graphically designed representation, it’s very tough to say that the lady does not exist in real, or might be someone misusing her picture and using it to create several facebook accounts.
Social network is one of the most phenomenon of the recent era, which transformed from online social activities to the necessity of the people, though facebook officially do not allow to open an account before 13 years of age but even this age is not enough to understand how to use the social network, where people are more prompt to share every details and update of their life. Nowadays people even share their movement by enabling check-in option and sharing which movie and where they are watching, which airport they are check in and where they are going. Few are even not mind to share the picture of their boarding pass with their status updates. While updating they might feel that they are actually showing the world about their social status but unknowingly they are sharing their crucial information in public. Few might argue that they have secured  their account but they might forget that by using the social network they are actually sharing their personal information with a third party which is not having any binding with the government and state rules to a certain extent.
Cyber law always advice not to share the phone numbers, emails and working details in public. Several airway companies also advised not to share the boarding pass of flights in the social network. But accepting such advice and following them is totally dependent on the individuals, no one can argue and dictate the account owner until the social network disable the information permanently.
As the social network has reached the bedroom of human society, companies , corporate and working individuals realized the capability of the social networking in terms of marketing, which has even given birth to a new industry called social digital marketing, which actually force the product to reach the potential customers which are segregated with the shared information in social networking by the individuals so people may not know that how their information is being used to sell products to them.
For Social media marketing, social media is a place where they can create unlimited anonymous accounts at free of cost and use them as spam to do some social media push marketing or sharing information. There is no harm until the account gets involved in criminal activities using the advantage of the anonymity of the Social Network, so legally no one can blame anyone for multiple accounts, but staying in a safe distance is always better from such account. People should know that there are several types of cyber-crime occurred in cyber world; one of them is personally identifiable Information (PII).  Fraudsters always have an eye on the information which can be used to uniquely identify . Contact or locate any individuals. Fraudsters mostly tried to extract the

  1. Full name
  2. National identification number
  3. Telephone numbers or mobile numbers
  4. Driving license number
  5. Credit card numbers
  6. Digital identity which includes online account id, password and Email ids
  7. Date of birth
  8. Place Of Birth
  9. Face and fingerprints

This all information can be used to spoil any one’s reputation in social media and also the hackers can get access to any one’s financial institutions. It is always advisable not to share such information in the open platform which can be vulnerable and accessible to fraudsters or hackers.
Even the issue with the Facebook regarding the security was serious back in 2013. That time Facebook Beacon service used to track the activities of its users from third party partner sites, which includes people who never signed in with facebook or who have deactivated their account from facebook. Beacon used to capture data details about the activity of its users on the external partner sites and used to send it back to Facebook service along with IP addresses.
As the latest development on the same issue when it was reported widely on internet media in an article of http://www.indiatimes.com/ someone named Sushma Sethi Bengani commented that

Image Credit http://www.indiatimes.com/
Image Credit http://www.indiatimes.com/

After seeing this latest development it seems the case will become more complicated in near future and all social network user should need to keep a close eye on this case to understand the what to do and what not to do on the social network.
An advisory video who all are using facebook

Remove These 4 Things From Your Facebook Profile ASAP

Video Credit : Youtube & Buzz60
Reference – Book -Cyber Security by Nina Godbole & Sunit Delapure

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