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MODERN TREND OF POLITICS :Give Assurances do not fulfill them and give fresh assurances is the order of the day.


Political parties are run by some superman with superhuman qualities. They are fearless, shameless, undaunted with their resolutions and only a few of them could maintain ethical value. The wise honest educated people are reluctant to join in active politics. They think it is useless to spoil their energy in fighting amongst countrymen only for power politics. So we seldom find educated honest wise people in the helm of affairs of the state as active politicians.

When Congress came in power the reservation for SC ST was initially for ten years only. It becomes now a permanent agenda for all parties. Political parties if honest in their attitude the reservation should have been abolished long ago.Why a particular class of people will be termed as ST or SC permanently.The class also prefer to remain as the special class for benefits earmarked for them. So centuries together they will be privileged class and the fight will then SC/ST VS others.Now OBC and other Minorities are in the fray. The population is now thus divided into divisions created with the sole aim of vote Bank. Not a single party is above these divisions politics.

Mandal Commission of 1978 recommended for reservation of 27%. For OBC. Some states do not like to implement it. Many suits are pending in the Courts. If OBCs are taken into account reservation will be more than 50% of the total seats ratio. So what should be the solution.
Once the provisions are applied in next stage the provision should not be applied for that particular man and his family. His family should be elevated to general status. In doing that more people could avail the facility and up gradation of the people could be done smoothly. At present the situation is deplorable. Many people from general group managed the SC/ST certificate from the unworthy authorities and grabbed the benefits meant not for them.

On the other hand, many groups such as Jaths, Gurjars demand their ST status. The Bishnupriya Manipuris and MANIPURIS were provided the ST status long ago in 1930s by the British following peasants revolt in Bhanubil Parganas of Sylhet. But as they claimed still today as the descendants of the third Pandavas they summarily rejected the idea.Maharaja Chura Chand Singh of Manipur congratulated the leaders of the revolt for declining declaring Bishnupriya Manipuries and MANIPURIS as ST. They thought ST means they were not advanced and not cultured then. But the benefit of ST or SC is so alluring that the Zia Ur Rehman Government of Bangladesh declared the Bishnupriya Manipuries and MANIPURIS of Bangladesh as plain STs. The Bishnupriya Manipuris of Bangladesh claims that their position is far far better than those of Manipuris in India in terms of employment and other facilities. So the SC and ST card is an instrument to power monger politicians.

The Bishnupriya Manipuris of India claimed for their inclusion in OBCs and they are happy that some benefits would be available for them under central Government Schemes.
Thus, this cards would be used by politicians very tacitly during their game plan.

Another weapon is used by politicians which are known as insurgents. To create a panic amongst public on some issues and to create pressure on Government to come into terms this weapon is used by pressure groups. The group cc caused massacre or genocide with a direction of their political boss. Innocent people are killed only for the power game. Even the insurgents are used to kill their own party man to blame the opposite party. This is in increase number during elections or on the eve of elections.

When the rights, privileges of indigenous people are suppressed by the opportunists and the hegemonism of the majorities are imposed on the small minority people being established and redress is s far cry educated youths also resorted to insurgency .

It is observed that the minority or linguistic minority face an unusual phenomenon amongst the majority. They are victimised to the plan and program of the majority people. The presence of their representatives in Assembly, the administration is scanty. As a result, they suffer from insecurity. They started feeling mental alienation from the mainstream. Out of it ultimately the become instrument in the hands of unscrupulous people and they are thus mi utilised.

Parochialism is another major problem. In rural politics, this is a very effective weapon for creating divisions among people. Schools, colleges, Hospitals are centered in pockets of the choice of the opportunists people. People find that all facilities are centered in some pockets. They are deprived. Thus, they are alienated from the privileged group and thus an invisible division is created.

Officers who execute the plan and program of the Government are centred in the office complex. They prefer it better to appease the ruling party in power. By this, they enjoy the confidence of the ruling party and their promotion is always safe. So an honest upright officer can not work efficiently. He is disturbed by the ministers, party men in power. So the desired progress is blocked by such phenomenon. If officers are allowed to work independently the progress of the country would have been materialised long before our expectations.

So our population strata are divided into divisions of religion. Hindus hate Muslims and vice versa.
ST and SC VS others. Amongst others, the division is amongst stakeholders. Thus, we are now segregated into many divisions. The unity is only in our lectures and writings. Now the picture is deplorable.
As many as 37.00crore population are living under Below Poverty Line. It ex facie that the slogan of Garabi Hathao of 1972 was not properly executed. Why this deplorable situation? The population is increasing by leaps and bounds. Infiltration from Bangladesh is a major issue. Not only in Assam, in Bihar, Karnataka, Telangana, Meghalaya, Tripura, West Bengal infiltration is a regular phenomenon. They are encouraged by power monger politicians and they are vote banks for the political parties.

4.50 crore Unemployed as on date. That prima facie indicates that there is no relation between indices of manpower requirement and supply institutes /professional organisations. In resultant, the gap becomes wider day by day. The Employment Exchanges are not equipped with required manpower who will handle the delicate subject of Career Counseling to the Schools/ Colleges

The project at the tune of Rs 8.50 crores for Railways pending; 7.00 crore deprived of elementary education; Women empowerment pending for 10 years; C for years together. While projects are pending there is no necessity for declaring new projects. Let us complete the pending projects.

Corruption is now the order of the day. Without corruption, no body can sustain in our country. The corrupted people are shameless. They have no sense of nationalism. They have no sympathy for their countrymen. Even the geographical map of Indian Union is alien to them. But their sermons / lectures will display that they are the repository of knowledge. Such people should not be allowed in, joining public life. The country is not safe from them.

Projects at the tune of Rs 1.80000 crore are pending for years together. So for an indefinite period we are to wait for completion of those projects. Without launching for new projects, we should see how those pending projects were completed.
Doctor per thousand 0.07; Nurse 1.5 per thousand. At present, the country is producing 32000 doctors per year. Can not we think for increasing the number to 40000 per year? The PG seat capacity to required the increase to combat the need of experts and experienced doctors. The demand of doctors and Nurses is felt globally. So Government and private players should be cautious in keeping latest market trend so as to keep the balance transparent lest imbalances occur.

India is rich in natural resources. Cottage industry plays an important role in shaping rural economy as well as the employment opportunity. We need serious entrepreneurs who would make an adventure in those sectors. If bank loan is made available on easy terms India could have produced more entrepreneurs than other countries. This is one main reason of brain drain from India. Many inventions could have been boosted by India if the brain drain could have been stopped.

Road and communication are the prime conditions for development. There exist many villages not connected with the main roads. As a result, rural India has not experienced the fruits of development. Rural people even today believe in magical forces for curing of diseases. They pray to God for not cursing them. They believe that for the curse of Gods they suffer from diseases. In case of snake, bite people hanker after snake charmers rather than rush to the hospital for anti-venom injections. In resultant thousands of people die from snake bite every year.
How many days we will wait for a modern India remains in dreams. It will take a long way of to reach to a modern India in real terms.

We should agree that there exist major mistakes in our Agricultural policy. There are vast tracts of lands lying fallow in Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Assam, West Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh, Maharastra ,Bihar and other states. People generally rest with mainly on rainwater. Irrigation is not enough to transform double cropland even. Major areas in west and south India is visited by a draught . We can ensure rain through a major and massive plantation of bamboos in all parts of the country, especially in draught-prone areas. Along riverbanks and in highlands even in plan areas we may undertake bamboo plantation. Where there are bamboos there will be rain is the general belief.

After the major crops, the land is kept fallow. Rabi crops could be arranged for those lands. Species, corns could be grown along riverbanks plenty. Regarding manure, we may resort to indigenous cow dung besides chemical ones.

Many lands small in area but taking altogether the quantity will be greater and those rivulets visited areas could be easily brought under double crops. This aspect is very crucial and important. If microloan could be made available to the rural agriculturist India will be changed. The idea of giving rice @ Rs 2/- per Kg is very crucial to rejuvenating rural India.
Now the Agriculture is not very important to rural people rather than MNREGA. If a card of MNREGA could be arranged and rice is available cheap the agriculturist find a little interest to work in the field. They become lazy people inviting diabetic and other diseases. Hospitals could not accommodate such huge number of patients.

We could produce plenty of fruits and excess could be exported. The irony is that we know I porting fruits vegetables even onion from foreign countries. If China is the hub of computer and electronics India could be the hub of educated hub ready to undertake any challenges. The time has come to see a back and start production of all necessary items within the country.

We could not provide pure drinking water to the crore of people. In hilly areas, it is miserable. Thousands of people die of diarrhoea and other water-borne diseases. We can keep all rivers clean all the year. The catchment areas of rivers are covered by vegetation to ensure all time water in the rivers.
Storage of rainwater should be taken up massively in hilly areas. In draught-prone areas rainwater could be stored underground.For garden watering and cleaning of cars, this water could be used efficiently.
Groundwater could be used for drinking only . For irrigation, we may think for connecting all time water available rivers with those areas.
Each village should keep their Gaon cleanliness. We should ensure sanitary latrines for all. If this is ensured many diseases may be arrested at the root itself.
People have no information on the experts and their availability. Medicines should be made available in nearby Pharmacies.
Running or mobile Hospitals could be thought for inaccessible areas linked to one nearby hospital. Our doctors should compulsorily work in rural areas for five to ten years in his state.
Doctors/ Nurses should be produced in greater number than the present strata. Doctors are prone to in private practice rather than their responsibilities in Hospitals.

Our teachers are lagging behind the required qualities. We do put our words in pressure for the percentage of marks rather than knowledge. The result is deg estrous so much so that the originality in our wards are nipped in the bud. We produce mechanical people who are piling only Live Register of the Employment Exchanges. We should produce Industry ready people to arrest unemployment problem. We should see that the workforce produce from our technical institutes, other professional institutes produce world class professionals. What is more pity than this that for sophisticated treatment one should proceed for in foreign countries.

Exchange of professional experts with world class institutes could be thought for to upgrade our standard. The theory should be equally shared by practical education. During education, the problems of rural India could be figured so as to enable them equipped to take the challenges ahead.

The demand of manpower requirement should be assessed so as to keep the balance between demand and supply. The great question is how to assess manpower requirement for the incoming days?
The CII (Central Institute of Industries ) forecasts industry requirement of the future days in companies. The SR I; SR II collected from Government establishments are compiled in the Ministry of Labour and manpower requirement is released in periodical intervals. This is released by I&B Ministry through Employment News weekly.
The private Companies placed their requirements in Employment Exchanges. NASSCOM assessed the requirement of manpower in Software and Service Companies, especially in IT and ITes. Various Ministries while allotting fund for the Ministry it is inferred that people will be entrusted for an execution of the fund into translation.
Besides there are unorganised Sectors where thousands of people engaged through private companies/ middlemen. How to assess the requirement? The unorganised workers assemble in certain places with their tools. The leader of labour known Labour Sardar supply the labourers to private persons in lieu of some share from his earning. The leader or middleman is thus controlling the supply of labour in unorganised sectors.
There is manpower demand in foreign countries. Thousands of labourers are sent through middleman; the latter ensures their Passport.VISA etc and a charge of Rs one lakh to two lakhs are charged by the middleman. There should be offshore Exchanges in every state. They should control manpower supply in foreign Countries. Otherwise, in the event of any eventuality in foreign countries while on duty the burden lies with the family of the victim to bring back dead body of the labour. Hundreds of such incident caused misery to the bereaved families. This Sector is very crucial and the Government is required to handle it delicately.

The several schemes meant for deserving people should reach to them invariably. Can not Government streamline those schemes and deposit in their personal Accounts of the beneficiary. The delay in disbursement of the sanctioned money takes months together which can not be allowed to continue for an uncertain period.


On promotion to Central Services, the selection is made by Selection Committee representatives from UPSC and from the Ministry. After that one Seal cover system is in vogue. When the ACRs(Annual Confidential Reports) of the Public Servant are the criterion for selection, the provision of issue of integrity certificate by the concerned state Government is something against the fundamental right of the public Servant . His Integrity certificate is duly certified by the Controlling officer and on the basis of it he / she has been selected by the Committee the then issue of integrity certificate is superfluous. So the crucial question lies with the Government in power.
Sometimes the unruly senior officer when confronted with a junior officer and the senior officer generally hatched a conspiracy against the junior officer and damage the career of the junior. The State Government especially the C.M if banks on the bureaucracy only then it is apprehended that the career of the officer is doomed. The State is run by Government where the role of bureaucracy is very crucial.

From the foregoing analysis the politician who is endowed with a strong background,a deep sense of humanity,full of tolerance,wise and prudent ,expert in statecraft and of strong public image is a good politician. The more their presence in politics the better for the country. He should know the background of history, culture, people of the land and keep vigil on the overall situation of the land. He should follow the dictum,”ौराजा यथार्थदण्ड भवेत् ” ।

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Braja Mohan Singha
Bureaucrat & Social Activist | Vice Chairman - Advisory Committee For Development Of Bishnupriya Manipuri Language , Government Of Tripura
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