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While Amit Shah talking about the development of Tripura, bankrupted opponent raising turban issue.

Amit Shah -ji after his speech in Kumarghat handed over the Turban (Kayeet/Pagree) to his security personnel or attendant as he was to rush for his next interaction in Agartala from 4pm to 6pm
This has been developed to an issue.
The Turban was presented to him by the Tribals of Tripura as a traditional momento to BJP Supremo.
Thus his disgust in failure of Tripura BJP the supremo expressed his anguish by throwing Pagree or Turban a paper said on its issue 8th May, 2017.
The Pagree or Turban or Kayeet is a cultural heritage of the Manipuri’s both Bishnupriya Manipuri and Meithei’s and not of Tribals. The paper very tacitly did the ground work to dissuade the majority Manipuri voters of (1)Kailasahar,(2) Kailasahar(3) ,Fatikroy and (4)Kumarghat (5)Panisagar (6) Dharmanagar (7) Kamalpur (8) Surma valley (9) Dam charra.  And they will be approached by rank and file of declining and eroded ruling class will find it an issue to get losing ground again. In paper the Turban was given to Amitji by the Tribals and by throwing the BJP supremo dishonored the tribals of the state.
Turban is a symbol of social and cultural heritage to the Manipuri’s .Vividly  upset at the presence of Manipuri’s from adjoining 45 villages of Kaisahar, Kumarghat,Dharmanagar and Kamalpur was a signal to the ruling class and next morning the slogan starts door to door to the Manipuri houses ,see your Turban has been dishonored by BJP . It was better with Congrees or TMC but BJP one should think thrice!
So with one stroke double meaning carrying news item is a saline to ruling class.
It goes without saying the BJP supremo conveys a clear message to the public
(1) Drive away the corrupt left front from the government.
(2) And to join in development mainstream of the country.
What people have been experiencing an apparent clash between Cong vs CPI (M) but deep political obligation in center?
The message in circulation in people of Tripura is
दिल्लीमे दुस्ति,त्रिपुरामे कुस्ति”
Now that people could guess the double standard role of opposition leaders the latter tries entry desperately either in TMC or in BJP as Congress is a sinking ship.
But Mamata Banerjee put her money in a bankrupt Bank.
It is futile for TMC to invest in TMC Tripura.
So BJP is the ultimate resort for power politics!
A learned man and journalist of Tripura now stationed in Kolkata asked me whether BJP could project 60 MLA candidates known reliable to public of Tripura when Left front is armed with seasoned politicians!
Another analyst from Kolkata (a professor) rang me and requested, “If you may help TMC that would be well and good for people of Tripura “.
My reply was very diplomatic one.
As we have been experiencing the elections of Tripura from 1993, Tripura when the drama seen by voters of Tripura Congress candidate with HARICAN symbol, The CPI (M) came in power Dasarath Deb the Chief Minister. People as if relieved according to the atmosphere created.
As if Tribal revival started in Tripura. In the name of appeasement to SC/ST started general people started feeling they have been deprived from their legitimate claim. Many deserving candidates lost their opportunities for the extra ordinary provisions created by the Government through good committed officers of the state. The issue of 10223 teachers is creation of the extra committed officers. But the ministers were very qualified and started with good approach to public work
In the scenario in 1998 elections Manik Sarkar came out as Chief Minister and a bureaucratic type Chief Minister Tripura possessed. Most influential Health Minister Bimal Singha has been assassinated on March 31, 1998. The real regimented rule of CPI (M) started from 2002-3 on wards.
Now Elections a drama or scientific rigging started.
The opposition Cong in two vividly open groups. Burman group and Birjit Singha group which doomed the prospects of Congress in Tripura.
Either groups left no stone unturned to disturb the opponent groups and thus general public lost their confidence in Congress and the pale picture in all India  Congress posed a sense of political insecurity in them.
Under the scenario the reins of BJP Tripura to Mr Biplab Deb as party chief Mr Sunil Deodhar in charge of state is a relief to many. People started hope and aspirations in new leadership. At least in Barjala by elections BJP could throw the challenge to CPI(M) . For the first time ruling party started the decline in their Raj from 1993.
Institutionalized corruption crippled the state. Crores of rupees misused by Government for feeding party cadres. All facilities for party people only. Promotions only for committed party cadre’s rehabilitees in government job.
Under the scenario taking into account of my thirty five year services as a teacher for seven years and then as a bureaucrat for 30 years from 1982 forced me to see new hopes under BJP. So, find no alternate other than BJP to get relief from the 25 years misruling of left front over Tripura.
So not possible to help TMC or anti BJP parties any way. It is unethical to help of support a party which has no clear agenda for the every section of the society of Tripura.
I see the BJP under Modiji-Amitji due will rule whole India for the next two decades allowing Congress to recover from damage caused from corrupt practices.
So the ultimate resort of the ruling party and “Coccus group “is to send wrong and distorted messages to public.  The good ground network of CPI(M) ruling party is capable of misleading general mass in favor of their interests
The present episode is like that – To send wrong signal to Manipuri voters in nine constituencies of North Unkoti and Dhalai only misleading public in general

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