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Whether We Have Failed As A Society And A Nation TODAY After Nirbhaya verdict delay? 

In my life, I have seen this country UNITED only twice. First, when India won the Cricket World Cup & the second time was during the spine chilling rape case of Nirbhaya in December. The entire country came together irrespective of age, caste, religion, gender, region and their political preferences. We fought together, faced lathis, tear gas and water cannons in peak winters, we were strong and we stood united.

I remember I was in Pune those days and we got very little information for the first couple of days and it appeared to be another rape in Delhi. I think by that time we were almost getting used to rape cases in Delhi but the twist was that the two victims were thrown naked on one of the busiest roads in bone-chilling winters of Delhi. People passed by but no one bothered to help those victims.

It was after 2-3 days I got to hear the real story through a viral Whatsapp message. I failed to believe it in the first instance and thought this is another exaggerated false though it was horrible. But later I read different articles and learned that what I read was true. I took 2-3 days to come out of denial and wasted a few days to understand that what was the reason that gang-raping was just not enough for these monsters?

Thankfully rape was not communal those days and within no time we saw millions of Delhites were on roads and they stood together bearing all the odds just to make sure that rapists get capital punishment.

I believe this was the only case where for the first time in history rape cases were openly discussed at homes. And when I told my family that they should throw the culprits to the mob and my family agreed. We were dreaming and demanding to hang these rapists in public but the reality is that after 7 years that poor soul is still waiting for justice.

A so-called juvenile who was more active than the older ones got away and our Blind Goddess of Justice couldn’t do anything in this rarest of the rare case. In fact, Delhi CM gifted him a sewing machine and 10 k from the taxes paid by the same public who were beaten by lathis for demanding justice. Irony died millions of death and so did the hope for justice.

A mother whose eyes are dried and tired but she is still fighting to get justice for her innocent daughter. I just hope and pray that she should not leave this world before those Satans who are being protected by a shrewd lawyer A.P Singh who is taking advantage of the loopholes in our weak judicial system. A mother who wanted to see her daughter doing well in life saw her dissected body and wounds which can haunt any human being for a lifetime. We could not save the Nirbhaya but the minimum we could do was to take revenge. Yes, you read it right Revenge, which she very well deserved because punishments are for crime and sins and this act was above all of them.

This particular case will be haunting us for at least the next 3-4 generations and our grandchildren will be laughing at us or probably will be ashamed of us for merely being cynical and doing nothing about it.
We are 135 crores of Bhishma Pitamahs, media debating over a comedian and airlines, political parties are blaming the lawyers and high court, and criminals are getting a sigh of relief today because India has got another stalwart criminal lawyer bigger than Ram Jethmalani who had audacity to openly challenge a mother that rapist of her daughter will not be hanged ever.

Who is the ultimate winner? Crime, criminals and criminal lawyer A. P Singh. Because he has got enough name and fame for protecting the most hated rapists who once united this nation for the last time. He has given a clear message to the world that come to me with a head in one hand and a bag full of money in another and I will show you how to mock the “Justice”. This lawyer will be a new messiah of deep-pocketed criminals. He will make ping pong of our so-called laws and entire judicial system by taking and giving Tareekh pe Tareekh and even getting clean chits to the most atrocious and heinous criminals.

I was so impressed with the compassion and dedication showed in by the commissioner and her team to catch hold of these guys. I saw Delhi crimes in one go and could not finish the meal on a plate while watching so. But today I am more impressed with the Hyderabad Police’s decision of encountering those 4 criminals who had nothing to learn from Nirbhaya’s case.

I believe in Karmas, I don’t know if my saying that (Lawyer A P Singh, the judge who held the capital punishment and all the people who were involved in protecting these evil-doers) should see their own daughters meeting the same fate is good or bad?

Today, one more time I realized that woman is not safe in this country not because of the criminals but because of the corrupted, weak and third-class judicial system. ( Coming from a family of HC judges, granddaughter and niece of a HC judge) Today, I am ashamed that my family has lawyers and Judges associated with this CRAPPY & LAME JUDICIAL SYSTEM.
Rot in Hell
AP Singh ( lawyer)

Spineless High Court for not taking a stand.

Two-faced CM Kejriwal for supporting the juvenile and doing drama for justice after getting a new bill in 2018 to protect such criminals.

Justice delayed is justice denied!


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