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Whether Only Hindu Represent The Caste System ?

Hindus are evil ? Caste System was evil ?

To study this subject one has to first remove the force fitted spectacles of white bias that inked a political agenda sold as the truth. So let us look at human society as a whole – from a worldwide angle and check if such systems that Indians are ascribed cruelty status for, really stand as Cruelty or is it a PERIOD NORM – meaning something mankind set up all over the world, subconsciously, partly influenced by each other partly natural evolution. In which case the caste system is the organic step most human society’s took inadvertently or by plan.

You are living in a Global Caste System now:

Present human society of 2021, where the delivery man, courier carrier, driver, cleaning staff etc are paid and grouped into lowest corporate equation is an unfair system too if one is Woke and stands upright for an all out equality system.

Since time immemorial people were divided by work we did. This is not new. And we see it happen even now. But it is selfish bias that prevents us from seeing the necessary evil. Historians chose to abuse Hindu caste system while ignoring corporate caste systems? Ironic isn’t it?

Why does this stratified society exist in offices and companies? Because there are many who can do high intensity, non-complexity jobs. Thus, they are easily replaceable compared to a Data Strategist or an Astro physicist, a CEO etc whose skills require decades of training, education and exposure that’s hard to find.

In parlance it means we still live in a CASTE based professional / career society and it will be so until Socialism is thrust into society. These arguments thus endanger capitalism and democracy too.

Socialism appears to make the demand that intelligence, capacity, capabilities, skills, experience, superior mental faculties mean nothing. All of these are equal to muscle work of the labourers and thus Einstein, Madam Currie, Neil Armstrong are all equal to the stone cutter or the sewer cleaner and both must be paid the same.

Till the day Communist Socialistic ideas float in society – any community or group practicing hierarchy by value of skills and work output will be abused. And by that definition every company, institution and organization of government stature or private status is PRACTICING THE CASTE SYSTEM right now as we read.

A beautiful artistic representation of Socialistic argument in picture form is attached below


Analysis show the Caste system is a Period norm and that the Indian Hindu Caste system cannot be attributed to Hindu society alone. This mantle has to be shared equally by all of Europe – particularly England, Spain, Portugal and Rome. Also Africa, Latin America, Egypt, Japan, China, Korea and Russia too.

Pictures of their caste systems are identical to ours. But it is strange that only India’s caste system was marketed as evil. We were the biggest population one may argue but then so was China. So lets see how or why did the Christian invaders pointedly attack Indians so viciously

So what is Caste ?

It is the classification of social variables that club people of similar endogamy, assuming there is a hereditary transmission of a life style which often includes their occupation, rituals, status in societal hierarchy, and custom based social interactions. It includes exclusions of some groups based on cultural notions of purity and pollution as well.

Word origin of the term Caste:

There couldn’t be bigger slander than what Hindus have had to endure on the subject of Caste so if this was exclusive to India is this word an Indian word ? Caste is not at all a Hindu Dharma Shastra word. Varna is the Dharma shastra system of classifying people in society by the WORK you do. There is no word equivalent for Caste in Vedic texts or scriptures. This word finds its orgin in Spanish & Portugese word Castos / Casta which is a Latin word. It means lineage, race, tribe or breed.

When did this subject arise?

The subject of Indian Caste system abuse began from the 15th century and then on. Was it absent as system before this period ? No. It was just deemed normal because everyone else had it too.

One must remember Turk + Mughul invasions that predate Christian invasion began in the 8th Century and 15th century respectively. They never raised any stench on the Indian caste system. Why ? Because the toughest social divides existed in Egypt, the Middle East countries of Iran, Persia and Africa. Pictures attached on Egyptian and Persian caste systems.

They came from similar or far more ramified societies. Infact their caste divides were so linear the “have nots” were a larger group than those who could live with basic needs met. Why would the Turks and Moghuls balk here in India where even the Sudra who are the 4th professional group did well, making it 4 lateral layers of financial and societal comfort.

5 lateral layers of Varna:

Please note this is NOT A TRIANGLE. TRIANGLE is the western inference for sociology and they seem to have force fitted Varna into a Triangle like some self fulfilling prophecy. In the Pure un- bastardized Varna system there are 4 parallel layers and only the 5th stays vertically below as Untouchables.

Brahmins the gurus of Hindu religious knowledge were group 1. Khastriya the warriors were group 2. Vaisyas the business folk and agri Land lords were group 3. Sudras were farm hands and workers thus not dirt poor. The 5th were the untouchables whose line of work made them vulnerable to disease and infections. This is why they were untouchables.

Varna in its pure form:

Defined your placement in society by what you do for a living. You thus had freedom to move laterally across groups. If you were a scholar or academically inclined even as Sudra after your time in the Gurukulam you could master learning by finding a Guru to become a Brahmin thus by virtue of Gyan, Knowledge. Likewise a Brahmin by birth who wastes away doing nothing cannot hold the fathers position if what he is doing by choice is say, making pots. The brahmin now has become a voluntary Sudra. Migration of Varna thus happened generation to generation by ones own will. This was the pure Varna system which was a horizontal linear group placement without up and down. Just lateral movements

Jati was less promiment till Christian invaders arrived. Jati was how we as Hindus refered to our tribe, clan, sub territorial history, referential of the kingdoms we came from thus indicating very specific geographies.

How the misconception began:

Sudra and their poor status is so well marketed and communicaed repeatedly that most people including Indians buy the propoganda not the fact. Sudras were the lowest by value of their professions like tinkerman, potter, weilder, repair person, wood cutter. Why ? Because these are not high skilled jobs and can be performed by anybody. They however were NOT Untouchables as is sold by media.

The genesis of the Colossal divide:

The orginal Varna system had broken down in the 5th century, say many scholars. And most refer to the complexities Sanskrit was taking which made reading, studying and memorizing books harder. The few who maintained close proximity to this language of Dharma scripture survived the development of a higher Sanskrit. Brahmins by virtue of their close association to teaching and being Gurus of the books ended up as the masters of knowledge making Kings revere them more than ever – and general society followed. There is no real evidence of what happened then because such transitions are so subtle historians attached to kingdoms would never make note of subversive change or constructive change. They can note only what are stark changes. Power presented on a platter can take off like rocket so the transition of Brahmin value as not linear placed job / profession linked value turned into a triangle where they were at the Apex. This however did not result in great discrimination yet.

The triangle of Varna placement actually kick started when Turk and Mughul rule left Hindu subjects vulnerable ( reference from  the Chapter written by Shamik Moitra.) Gurukulams had to pay special taxes to function. Unlike modern India where who is in power provides special benefits to the minority, the minority who ruled India imposed unbelievably high taxes called the Jazia. This tax allowed non muslims to stay free, unbothered and continue their faith without conversion. Of course during this period the Hindu Dharmic community went through tremendous social turmoil. If  change did not occur is when this would be a matter of surprise.

The thrashed, threatened, humiliated Hindus congregated to protect Dharma. Who knew it best ? Who were the custodians of knowledge? Who understood Sanskrit at any level of complexity ? Who held all our science and scriptures safe? Who was teaching Dharma? The Brahmins. Instead of abuse and criticism, if we study how external threar and a dire need to survive empowered the Brahmins we can see this was not created or snatched by the community who stood as parallel to others in the linear structure. The pyramid structure with Brahmin at the top of the triangle was born out of a horrendous Islamic colonialism. This is the India the white Christian invaders witnessed. This pyramid now is identical to the Pyramid of Spanish,  English, Latin Americans and all other White societies.

What made us different?

Their pyramid societies are based on wealth and power distance from Monarchy. Ours was based on religious activities of knowledge of texts being Apex. But then what strikes one alarmingly is that if religious Leadership is studied then the Roman pyramid has the Roman Church / Vatican above all other humans of society. The irony sits here. Indian Hindus even after the bastardization of Varna were not unique. The British hierarchy was the same. The Roman hierarchy was the same. In fact the Church was at the Apex of every white Christian invading country. Picture attached for reference

The 19th century saw massive works by missionaries and the British who began the first classification of Hindu society and termed Jati as Caste. Jati is our divide by kingdom, language, dieties we believed in and our ethnic tribal solidarity. But thats not Varna. Jati breaks into hundreds of sub divides like African tribes. Wherever such tribal ethnic layers were found in the pile of many dozens Christian invaders used it to divide these societies by injecting their Jati Jati consciousness where it existed but was not discriminatory.

1850s onwards the Education system in India demanded declaration of caste. And the options were Jati. This began the worst bastardization of the Varna till Hindua forgot their Varna and became obsessed with Jati. Jati then turned into Jati bhed. Ancient India saw a Ayodhya princess marry a Prince from Korea to even the South of India but after the Christian invasion of India the groupism they injected resulted in Jati divided by state and it was so stark that even in 1980s long after the white man nuisance left Indian soil a Sindhi would not marry a Maharashtrian, a Tamil would object to marrying a Bengali, Naga would not consider a Rajasthani. And to make it worse the divide was within State too where Jati classification hit the head so hard assessment of community was by evaluating genealogy by geographical similarities. Like north Kerala Ezhava would not marry South Kerala Ezhava and thus the proof that injecting DIVIDE  CONSCIOUSNESS can be malevolent yet seamlessly administered. The proof of this destruction is evident in Africa and India.

Why did Dharma design the 5th position?

There was only 1 weak rung and that was the 5th rung of Untouchables who experienced the status of the outcasts. Picture in reference

Because Dharma is etched, sketched and inked in solid science. Jobs like drain cleaners, chimney cleaners, human waste collectors, cattle dung cleaners lived exposed to germs and virus according to Shastra and that shastra is proven true in the age of science. So being fair to ancestors who did not have Dettol, Hand Sanitizers, Hazmat suits, surgical masks etc but wanted to keep their community safe can we blame them for keeping this section cordoned off from their living quarters ?

English society had a good 30% of their population living outside main city controlled by the aristocrats and nobility. The outcasts were a large group. Estimating  this section to be 30% is being conservative because truth is outcasts included women deemed witches, those who opposed chtistian ideas ( heresy), scientists claiming ideas against their Bible, artists, and even priests who deviated from the indoctrine of their regimented religious ideology.


This giant section thus lived in utter squalor, stinking, reeking without bath or a wash in months, most homeless or living in overcrowded community shelters where prostitution, disease, alcohol and crime was major activity. It is obvious why high cultured society preferd no connection with them. This section of England was suffering from a range of STDs because of a sexually promiscuous society that also had weakest nutrition. It was common to see dental decay, oral diseases, terrible halitosis and other complications coming from acute vitamin deficiencies.

The English outcasts were outcasts from Medical era – 5th century to 15th century and stayed outcast in the Semi Modern Era starting 15th Century to 19th century. Makes one wonder why or how did the English dare this 2 faced double standard when they were the Masters of outcasts who threw a giant section lived outside city limits. They came in only for work

Caste abuse – a Spanish Portuguese strategy that the British blew like a horn:

Important to note these are border nations and often in history had merged under various rulers. Technically they are alike in more ways than one so in reference to this study we will club them as Spanish Portugese invaders.

This set were the first who first used the term casta in reference to the Indian social classification they observed here. They were on an invasion missions that took them to dozens of lands conquering hundreds of different human societies. They had seen enough social stratification to act an Oscar styled jaw drop in Bharata. In fact the irony is that the Spanish Portuguese invaders had enough divide among themselves back home that their uninformed attire would not reveal. So let’s pull off their mask first

Irony – Spanish Portugese Caste system:

Spanish Portuguese had invaded several  South American regions and set up colonies. The caste systems that were created by them there are a combination of race, purity of blood line, profession and closeness to Monarchy. The 1st picture below shows the ranks they maintained. The second shows us the mixing of races, bloodlines and how Pure White superiority sits at the apex when connected to princely family.

The Penninsular Iberians were the families of the Kings. These enjoyed top of the pyramid benefits. 

Following is a link on how the Portuguese social caste system worked.


Portuguese arrived in India in 1498. They saw different types of Indians. We were a wide range of colors, skin tones, hundreds of languages, gods and kingdoms besides social rungs. The social order, the systems, the governance was unlike anything seen.

To take over, you must break the natives they had learnt but we were way too many in number and had kings, kingdoms, democracy, dharma or Islamic laws. This was tough territory. The Christian Invaders always wore that lens of destruction by covert worm infestation. And so they observed Indians as pathogens of study inder their microscope. They noticed the rungs and steps of society were distinct. There was opportunity to create a monster out of something that was in fact was the order of the time irrespective of whether one was in Europe, China, or India. But how would we know who didn’t hold a history of societal rapes and plundering for power ? So the while blindfold was tied upon us in the name of western education and westen medicine both capturing details of Jati to bore deep holes of such differentiation

What did Caste drumming target?

Social divides were everywhere but our divide had one TARGET – Religion. Dharma. The unconquerable. The emminently strong Dharma was a danger to the Church and their fanatic bigotry. They wanted to target Hindus thus who Max Muller had reported as something never before encountered and something the Church should never expect to be successful in overthrowing so easily. This is why Max Muller was awarded the grand job of translating the Vedas and supremely rich Hindu texts. The “lost in translation” bits have caused damage to present day Hindus who unfortunately depend on the same English translation which was designed to ruin us not help us. The destruction of Hinduism as target was their mission and also became their route to full and final conquer of a very mystical, rich, evolved land. The fulcrum of this ambition became the constant targetting and referencing of abCaste system among the Hindus.

Breaking our social structure became not just important – it was peremptory and pertinent. They applied the term Caste to suggest/ refer to the JATI classification of endogamous, hereditary social groups they encountered in India which was never our practice because Jati broke us down like a kalisesocpe of hundreds of broken bangle peices that can never come together…yet can keep making beautiful patterns with every move. The Christian invaders wanted veto control. And until the Hindus were broken into pitiable pathetic fragments unable to see, understand and merge again – they had no hope to rule India. The Christian invasion of India had many Church led parasites gnawing at our people and wealth, so it did not take the British invaders too long to catch on to the Portuguese strategy. Soon the British were using the same term and now it was turning into a derogatory term. A slur. A curse. A shame.

Remember one key critical element of converting people in Christianity is to use the SHAME PILLAR. Abuse, name call, segregate, raise voice, shame by word, shame by actions, shame by suspicion, shame by writing, shame by propoganda. This is how the last practicing pagans were hunted as Witches. Hindus became the new Witches and their witch hunt ran on a broom called the Caste System of Hindus.

The precise word caste in it’s present understanding, occurs for the first time in English in 1613 in the many records the British kept. This means the word Caste officially enters the English language in 1650s because of the frequent use of the word by white christian invaders. In fact by 1700s the caste system began being discussed by white society Europeans who had never set foot in India. English take the medal for crafting a global operation that presented a commonly occurring social system as an eerie Caste System found uniquely ONLY in India.

The Great Whitewash

Is in the fact that distortion and discrimination was sold to Target Hindus till the intense segregation became an actual reality. They seem to be the owners of Fake it till you Make it but in connection to faking others history till people are brain washed unto living as is sketched & painted.

The decline of India from 1850s to independence and even later has the wicked ungodly hands of the British. One cannot absolve oneself from being an idiot just because others told you so. Thus our bloodline must bear half the blame for its own naivety and inability to read the social guerilla warfare the Christian invasion deployed.

As mentioned above breaking the Hindu community was their ticket to enter into 2 prominent zones 1) Governance and 2) Law. The presentation of Caste system being sinister, an evil practice and pretending to be interested in equality, human rights and evolution of mankind helped them sell to us a HOLIER THAN THOU impression, while their own back yard, front yard and home was full of inequality, subjugation of poor, deprivation, abuse of the down trodden and unbelievable wealth disproportion.

White man selling propaganda of Human rights now seems laughable to all because we know they were slave traders, sexual abusers, syphilis spreaders, who massacred minimum 10 million to upto 45 million in India in 250 years of their rule. They raped, looted, killed but were topical messiahs preaching societal deficiencies that needed cure.

Worse, if one studies the economic statistics of Haves vs Have nots of England, Spain, Portugal and other European nations of the time our middle class equated with their Rich in buying capacity,  wealth and survival ability. Our rich was equal to their kings and princely estates which is why landing in the Land of Riches made it important for them to find something to break our backs with. Caste it was.

Jesus said ” Let him among you who is without a sin be the first to throw the stone”

Obviously white man always choses the pages of the Bible he wants to read followed by HOW he wants to read it.

From my book


Seema Raghunath
Seema is a Business & HR professional . Seema founded The Working Women's Fraternity in February 2020. It is an ACTION Diversity & Inclusion Volunteerism support group. She is the Director of Education and HR for a Private Equity firm in the Education space
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