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Where are the Padamshrees and Padmavibhushans for deserving “common man”?

I have been thinking for long that why big recognition’s are restricted only for Sports and entertainment sector? Why the actual work which is helping the society is getting neglected for centuries? For how long these important people will be called ‘Common Man’?
What about those civil engineers and workers who build buildings, roads, dams, railway infrastructure, metros, flyovers and so on? Are they not doing anything worth recognizing?
What about those automation engineers, automobile engineers, software and hardware people and their teams who make difficult and time-consuming work so easy? Are they not good enough to call for big recognition’s?
What about those farmers who feed millions of people during their lifetime thanks to the work they do on agricultural fields? Are they not doing anything important that they can be recognized?

What about those honest Chartered Accountants who help people establish their businesses, running their businesses smoothly, auditing accounts so that Government gets taxes on timely manner and many other things that help people to earn money?
What about those sincere teachers who teach with their heart in schools, colleges, private institutions, etc.? Are they not contributing towards country’s development?
What about those sincere and honest journalists, lawyers and judges who fight for justice? Who ensure that justice prevails in the society? Are they not doing anything worthwhile that they can be called for big recognition’s?
Maybe I have forgotten to mention above many other professions which are also contributing towards the actual growth of the society. They can also be the neglected lot.
Hope to see these people also getting recognized on big arena during their lifetime! Let the actual work also shine, let the ‘common man’ also shine.

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