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What Parents and Educationist has to do to build the better next generation.

The past year has been tumultuous for this country because of chaos in colleges and universities. These were temples of education and dignity for the longest time and now are hot pits of anarchy and destabilization. The JNU and DU issues may have subsided a bit in the past few weeks but are much like an active volcano that is waiting to erupt again. The political game has shifted to youth. Some master minds have realized youth instigation gets great mileage and will ruin our ethical fabric. Youth are anyway charged by hormones + wild energy. Can be triggered positively or go off like misguided missles. Most innocent students are happy to find a subject that will help them digress from the subjects taught in classroom. But the distraction dangling as carrots in these colleges are causing trauma to the health and construct of Peace and national Harmony. When will we declare a law for college decorum? ‎
As an educationalist and a lifelong student of psychology, I am worried at how our youth is choosing abuse and rebellion in the name of freedom. Nor is this good for their attitude, nor life, nor society.  Freedom has always come with responsibility. Be it freedom to vote, to drive, to have sex or to marry. Any type of freedom has always carried with it some rules, norms and laws that indicate what’s OKAY and NOT Okay. Freedom of speech is no different. Youth is now fighting for ‘Gutter Speech’ and rest of the country is wondering weren’t these sweet, obedient, disciplined kids going to a school, just a while ago? So what changed drastically? Environment in such colleges, the faculty who urge “bagawats‎”, overzealous ideologies that propagate early self-publicity, for creating a career. But is this how a career begins?

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One kid did a great job of delivering a smack to national threats with a powerful HINDI recitation. Her angst was visible and many normal country lovers could relate to it, but at the same tome some seriously daft kids are speaking and writing so- called intellectual rot to smash Loyalty, Respect and Love for homeland. The end goal is to wave the Freedom of Speech flag and kill the “Nation First” spirit. This is when my concern moved to – who are these parents who allow this?
Parental responsibility:
I won’t blame just the young students, I park most blame with foul teaching and ignorant, irresponsible parenting. There are some parents who are hungry for attention and stand behind kids who will bring their name 2 minutes of glory, no matter how negative. Others think it is “cool” for youth to evolve as they choose. Sure! But not at the expense of national peace and citizens safety. What is scariest though is the growing set of attention hungry parents who are encouraging kids to go awry so that media covers them for a bit and parents get to brag to friends….’that last headache you saw on TV ? That was mine’
Indifferent Patenting:
The college environment in such institutions is proven to be detrimental to education, and that’s what brings us to ask “what are parents doing”? The apathetic parents with zero interest and involvement in their child’s life post schooling, who lose ability to influence the teen, is party to the chaos. Parenting insufficiencies can cause havoc in the country and we are seeing ample evidence of that.‎
The Boomerang :
‎Parents of such youth forget, the same tongue that’s snapping against the motherland will spit venom at them someday…It’s just a matter of time and common sense will say that. A rebellious spirit is never attached to only one facet of life; it becomes the spirit of the individual. Parents need to remember always…a child who is taught to whack the nation in opposition, will whack at home. There can’t be different rules at home and in country.
The farce:
Parents who give this kind of obtuse freedom of speech, ironically won’t be able to tolerate it, if their child demands to divide the house they live in, asks for their share, scream for their rights and goes to the press with it.  Youth who object to norms, who don’t like decorum and values, who are labeling it as anti-freedom; should be objecting at home as well logically. Hope they are as much a nuisance to their family as they are to the country, then the parents have our sympathies. But if these children chose to only attack country and never the rules at home, nor challenge the need for decency towards Parents- then they are darned hypocrites. The parents are hypocrites too. In which case what we are seeing today is the result of the breakdown of the Indian family values more than anything else. Sanskar has gone out of fashion!

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The Need
Misguided parents need to study psychology. ‎If they urge and support their precious muffins to speak garbage and insist we listen because ‘It is free speech ‘ then we should be allowed to say “your god damned love making has produced national nuisance”. This is also free speech and they need to deal with it!
Respect also has become passé in many Indian colleges. There is little hope from JNU or DU management. They missed the bus on correction long back. Now it rests on us – the Parents and Citizens of this country. If our next generation and country has to be protected from total ruin, we have two options
1) Social condemnation of families who show apathy towards the anti-national qualities of their ward and from a legal angle, register case‎s.
2) Or we start a mandatory 3 year military college for kids who seem to have grown an extra spine.
In the former we will have to arrest youth who participate in “bharat key tukdey kar dengey”, charge sheet them so they can never build a career worth any name, except morcha giri for a lifetime. Else craft the first ever, National Assistance Program where country takes over such anti national youth, that parents have failed to shape. Put them through a regimented military program that transforms them into good citizens. Award them the 3 year military NAP and nip it in the bud.
Something has to be done…and done quickly before this spread and becomes a 4th stage cancer, which has no hope.
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