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What are the lessons we have learned from the Kerala flood?

The Armed forces protect us not only on borders but within too, Still they will continue to have haters

Kerala saw one the biggest flooding in decades and Army had to be called in to save thousands of stranded people.

And within two weeks the army rescued more than twenty three thousand people[1].

Image Credit Times of India

Rescue operations on ground.
Image credit khabar.ndtv.com

They had their feet in the floodwaters but kept the kids aloft
Image credit indianexpress.com

The army provided medical aid to thousands of people.
Image Credit www.wefornews.com

There were armymen who cancelled their leaves to save hundreds of lives.
Image Credit Twitter


In India we have people who spread hate against army, particularly those affiliated with communism, which include the current ruling party in Kerala.

In 1962, when Indian Army was fighting against China, communist party discouraged people to give blood to Army since china is a land of communism. They even punished their party members who dared to ask for blood donations for Indian army[2]. VS Achutanandan was demoted from highest to lowest tier of the party for his actions of supporting the country against china in the war[3].

Even today, there is an organized campaign to demonize Indian army as rapists by the communist party.

Here is what communist student leader Kanhiya Kumar have to say about Army[4]

And more hate from higher rungs of the party.

There is no attempt to express a positive criticism. It’s a clear well thought attempt at generalization.

Even in the times of calamity they are finding ways to play politics and shift.

“North Indians don’t care”?

I have seen a sustained attempt by their cadres to instill hate on linguistic and regional lines. When it started raining heavily in India, people were seen creating the north India vs south India struggle. I saw a guy from studying in a central Govt institute in Roorkee here writing an article trying to project the narrative that since “north Indian newspapers” published a death of a former PM on front page instead of Kerala floods, they don’t care about our Kerala. Not surprisingly his next answer was in praise of communist CM Vijyan.

It’s a sad state when such pressure make your armed forces give clarification that they care about their own men.

If Indian Ocean is our Karmbhoomi, Kerala is our Janmabhoomi, says Navy chief; rescue ops on

“Center not declaring Kerala as national calamity” ?

Then came the allegations of centre’s “apathy” that they are not declaring Kerala flood as “National calamity”[5] Even Rahul Gandhi reiterated the demand. The fact is officially there is no such tag in the administrative manual[6]. The official tag for a natural calamity is L3 which the center has already accorded to the state[7]. But by then the motive of spreading narrative of “north Indian” apathy had been served.

“Center not giving funds whereas UAE is offering 700 crore rupees”?

The govt released 600 crores and waived off GST and custom duty on relief material as an immediate assistance. Almost every state of India irrespective of party ideology made donations to Kerala totaling to hundreds of crores. But CM vijyan is asking for more and “center not doing enough” when UAE is ready to donate 700 crores.

Turns out it is a fake news.

Confirmed: UAE Has Not Announced Rs 700 crore In Aid For Kerala Yet

Rather than implementing the crores he has already got, Vijyan and co are using such tactics to play politics of divisions. And even if UAE donates to India, do you think this would come at a cost of exploitation of 8 million Indians (majority Malayali) working in UAE. Would India be in a position to stand up against UAE should it take a stand averse to Indian diaspora working there?

Here is how the flood relief is being used by CM.

It’s only after the media exposed him that he refunded the amount. How do we know the flood relief money is being properly utilized?

A lot of Indian states have faced floods in recent past, and instead of politics, the state government instead of playing politics worked to help their people. Never ever I have heard a CM making a issue out of donations when almost every state Govt is donating.In 2013, the state of Uttrakhand faced a much bigger calamity and saw 15 times (5748) the causality that Kerala[8]. The contribution of state of Kerala at that time was ZERO. Did the Uttrakhand CM create a scene back then?

The fact is Kerala is the last bastion of communists in India, and they are playing tricks to ward off popular sentiment going against them. And they have time and again shown that their ideology is above the country. No wonder the party is on the verge of extinction.

To conclude, here are few lessons from Kerala flood

  1. People of India do really care about each other in general. The whole “north Indian” vs “south Indian” is primarily aimed at sustaining political motives.
  2. Ideology can’t be bigger than Party. Communist party did so much for China in 1962, what has China done for the state in its need of hour especially when it is the ruling party? No country will donate unless it has an axe to grind.
  3. Few army men making mistakes deserve criticism, but there are people who try to demonize Army as a whole. You would never hear any word of praise for army from them even if their army save them.
  4. And the most important lesson, no matter how big the calamity is, it’s the Indian Army which would be our ultimate savior.

To conclude here is how a family rescued during Kerala floods showed its gratitude towards the armed forces.

Image Credit http://www.rediff.com


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