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My True Story about Tripura Before Tripura Election 2018

I would like to share my personal experience with Tripura state before Tripura Election 2018 during CM Manik Sarkar’s tenure  .
In 2013 to 2014 mid, I have spent my time in Tripura capital i.e. Agartala. I was there for construction of 746 MW power plant initiated by Congress Govt in 2009 which was partially funded by Tripura state govt (Communist). My company has more than 7 sites which we had to commission before 2015 end. Initially, I was like a normal being enjoy Tripura people hospitality and their innocent. I must says these people don’t love money and they are very social with each other.

I face first time my encounter with Communism. I wasn’t very into politics during that time. Modi was getting movementum for PM. I was supporter of him for his good work did in Gujraat. So, I simply discuss about Modi to one local communist supporter. He simply become frenzy even talking about other party. He simply said he would personally kill anyone who try to mock his party. The next I have seen , series of extortion of money from my company in name of party fund.
The communist goons came and every time harrash our project manager. Once a time they beat storekeeper and damage property of company.
On 6th Oct 2013, I have witness a horrified killing (in front of my office) of a young person who been burn alive with his scorpio by Communist goons. Later, I found that the person belongs to local congress party. Many time communist goons shut down 746MW plant and ask for money .
The educated Tripura lack a movie hall in state (no batter than Saudi). Tripura lack hospitals, Tripura lack education institutes, Tripura lack Malls, Tripura lacks roads and even drinking water in many area. 25 years of LEFT winning create only two things :
1. Every evening that public drama of LEFT parade on chowk where people shouts “Chalbe Naa Thakbe Naa” (It will not work, or we will not stop) which later translate into “No other ideology, Not stop till the end of every state” like an extremist group.
2. Communist terror and brainwashing was there in every institutes. No outsider wew allowed and no any ideology other then left ideology were allowed and silent killing of many people who associate with other parties were daily routine in those days. Congress and RSS people who were anti left were been victim of their frenzy.
My Experience was with people of Tripura was awesome but not with communist. It has become more bitter day by day during my stay. Manik Sarkar irrespective of his clean image, done extortion for Left party and his  Left frenzy groups killed many people escaping the national media so entire nation was in dark for years about the misrule of the Manik Sarkar at Tripura.
Even Locals tribe been forced to convert into Christianity. All border area with Bangladesh was opened for election.
I think it’s justifiable to uprooting Lenin statue because Lenin gives this state?
Nothing.  Simply, Nothing. In Hinduism we burn Ravan every year not because Ravan was wrong, but his ideology of controlling people was wrong. Erasing of Lenin statue is not hooliganism against ideology but our old age practice to reject ideology which try to brainwash us.
This is symbolic acts of Hindus which shows Satya (Truth) always win Burai (Evil).

Disclaimer : This article is writers own view and experience. 

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